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It is still terribly cute!


it's super cute. what is it?


I know it's hard to tell from the pics but it's a business card holder. I was planning on making them as Christmas gifts but I need to re-work the pattern a bit first.


I like how the insides open up, nice detail. The bias looks plenty neat to me. It's my nemesis so bias and I usually end up with a lot more blood all over the place.


i see nothing bad/wrong with either card holder or poetry, love 'em both!


absolutely love the colors! if you perfect the must share!

crafty champloo

genius! you really have perfected the art of an entertaining blog entry - and the purse is just so great! :)


Are those...*gulp* POLKA DOTS????????????


it's a great design. what's wrong with it?


Myra, I think you crack me up more than anyone else. And I mean that in a totally good way. I love the poetry, and I think the card holder is brilliant.


I adore the poem and I adore the business card holder even more - love the colours!


That's gorgeous! Such a cute idea :D


Love the poerty. What'a great idea, a business card holder.


...I tried to make one last week...and failed.

Yours look pretty! I saw a square one on another blog for use as a coin pouch. Okay, going off, thinking of making another one.


your poetry is just sublime!
it's not bad. it is no crime.
you even make the verses rhyme.
i'm so impressed you have the time.

and now a haiku:

melodious words.
fabulous crafty goodies.
you are a jewel!

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