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sorry to hear about the traffic jam, we sat in that yesterday and later i figured out it was caused by HIM. boo! those won tons, my friend makes them. i could eat a won ton of them. lame pun. hope everyone stays healthy this year!


I love the pine cone hedgie. Very creative!

I totally understand about the president. He was in Salt Lake City a couple of months ago. Anybody that worked downtown was late to work that day.


As I remember for the hana-batta days, walnuts make good cars and peanuts make good worms.
Fun site. Thanks for the link. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank you for always sharing these great sites!


Nuts! Wow! Too bad we're allergic to nuts here or we'd be picking up some nuts too!


mr president almost made me late for an appointment in waipahu (going from my office in sand island), but i caught sight just in time and took arizona memorial cut-off, then went via pearl city...those nut and cloth shoes are adorable! Does the Mister know what the nuts are for, and that the nuts have to be cracked open 'nicely?'


Gee, he certainly gets around. The prez was in Singapore last week, and his great big motor cavalcade closing down the streets made T-bone late HOME from work. Unforgivable.

Those nuts are nuts!!! But so clever. When I was nine I always used to LOVE to make little gumnut people, using all sorts of Australian pods and seeds and googly eyes. I'd glue them on big wood chips I pilfered from the neighbours' carefully landscaped gardens.

The little porcupine guys are gorgeous.


Darn that guy, he's annoying AND Republican. No offense to Republicans...
or annoying people.

Love, love the porcupines, too cute.


oh my those nuts shoes are crazy! have a happy turkey day

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