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I like the banner very much. Wait until after christmas to change it. It is very festive.


The return of the cookies! I remember those from last year; they are so cute. We're planning on folding some snowmen over here just as soon as we're done making hedgehogs, too!


Another lovely idea! I was just realizing that 24 or even 12 stockings were not going to be knit anytime soon, so I needed a different plan. I think this will be a part of it!

As I was reading this entry, Max wandered over and saw your new header. "What's that?" "Cookies." "Oh. Can we make some? I want snowmen but not a carrot nose." I don't think we'll start them now, as it's past bedtime, but soon we're needing to make some snowman cookies. Are they sugar cookies?


the cookies look grouse.


i like your giant cookies...very festive. but i seem to like giant things on banners...have you seen my monsterous fingers? goodness...


The banner is very cute. But I really loved the other one too. I agree with Abby, just change it back after Christmas.


love the snowmen bags and the banner, but i can see what you mean about the stomping. :)


i really like your new banner very much. it maybe a little to large, but it works for the season. and the cookies, awh they're lovely. i wanted to make them so badly last year. your banner will be the reminder i need to make them this year.


The new banner looks great! And I love your advent calendar idea. The snowmen are cute!

Wishing On Clovers

The new banner is fantastic! I love Holiday baking! The snowmen are so cute, what a nice advent!!


I LOVE the new header. Don't change it yet.


this is great myra! i don't know if i have time to fold 24 of these snowmen but i'll fold a few for my son...
i've been wanting to change my banner too - just don't have time at the moment! your banner brings in the holiday spirit!


i think it's cute! :)


No, not too loud! I think it looks great, very festive indeed!


Love love love the snowmen, stayed up extra late to make them last night, having fun now dreaming up activities and makes to fill them with for a 2 & 6 year old, especially looking forward to our topsy turvy day, tea for breakfast and breakfast for tea.


I just LOVE the new banner! Really cute.


Just discovered your blog. Fun!!!

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