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oh my...and I though you melted my heart the other day with the other mouse. This little fellow and (and his car!) are so adorable!!!! Really love that picture of him behind the wheel.

And yes, I admit, I wanted to roll my eyes when I read your temperature!!!! But then, I'm in snow country, not too far away from some very popular ski resorts. (I hate-hate-hate snow, btw.)

stephanie s

oh my god, i WISH i were as clever as you... that is just the greatest.


The mouse and his car are faboo! And yes I did want to roll my eyes, it went from 60 to 20 and we are in the midst of a snow storm warning/watch. Eek, I'd rather be there than here for the winter.


he's a keeper--love his car! and the new banner? FABO!


Too darn cute!


Get OUT! The car, the buttons...that face!


Oh, I totally know what you mean about the weather. It was 64 today and I dressed my kids in three layers each, the outer one being fleece, and I've got my wool slipper socks on right now. I *do* realize I'm a total wuss, though.


LOL awww, I love this little guy!!
Here is really cold also, I'm freezing,have a great day


You never cease to make me smile.
I understand what you write about the temperature. We start freezing around 22°C. It's so warm most of the times in Japan (of course it's different in the north), you become very frost susceptible...


Did you make him???? Unreal thats adorable.
Love your blog, just found it!!!
I can't stop checking him out.


He's wonderful! As is the little nutmobile - there is something wonderful and Richard Scarry about it!

You've done it again...


I love his walnut car. He looks very stylin' and happy.


It's even better than the last sleeping one!


Your minatures are so sweet!


LOL...I grew up on Oahu; married and moved to the midwest...hubby rolls his eyes when I say in September that it feels like Christmas. But seriously, it does. It's that almost-sweatshirt-and-jeans-weather that makes me think Christmas. :)

Love the lil guy, btw!


These pictures are very cute. I love them !


How adorable! It really brightened my day to see him all bundled up. (And rather than roll my eyes, I'll just admit that I'm jealous that it's 50 degrees warmer over there!) All the more reason to move to Hawaii...


too cute! -
when my cousins from hawaii are down here visiting it's the north pole to them...


Ok, the mouse's car is darn cute! LOL!


That little mouse is too cute, and the car? wonderful! My little sister (whois already 35) made a little babe in a walnut for the CHRISTmas tree when she was in nursery scool & I have always adored it. I think I have to buy some walnuts now...
My son and I have 2 little pinecone hedgehogs in the oven right now. We LOVED making them, he especially liked putting the blush on his....Thanks for such a wonderful craft.
BTW It is Dec 1st and I am wearing a tank top becuase everything else is too in S. C.!


What a speedy little mouse, in his cute roadster. Very nice!


EEEEeeeeee! So much in love with the wee little mousy and his wee little car! Pure genius, Myra!


I mean really now. That is beyond cute. And nut crafts - lots of Japanese nut crafts around recently. Have you noticed?


No you didn't! That is my most favorite thing EVER -- you amaze me.


Oh, that's so cute, my teeth ache!

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