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so tiny and cute your little jack-o-latern...
i also like the little spider..adorable ...


Oops! At least your spider and little pumpkin are really adorable! :)

jennifer w.

I made Pumpkin Spice Cake (from Mailorder) last night and I was just going to warn people not to buy the can with the spices already mixed in! This was the first year I noticed that they sold this variety, and I imagine many people will accidentally buy the wrong one (even when they tell themselves not to...)


oh my goodness i love the jack o lantern!!
i would have done the same thing with the pumpkin! not bc of my eyes though, but bc i really don't like grocery shopping, and i'm not the one who normally does it! there's too much stuff and too many similar items now (*like the "sugared" pumpkin) that are supposed to be time savers but usually just cause headaches in the end!


The spider is adorable. As for the pumpkin bread...well sugar+more sugar=good thing (sometimes)! Glad yours came out good!


Cute! Both of those little guys are great. I love the tiny jack-o-lantern. Nice work!


Oh, the spider is adorable!


Lucky you Buddy is so supportive:) Loved your story. Hope work is better next week. Your spidey is so cute...or is it a dust bunny disquised as a spider?


i do this all the time! david says i have package dyslexia.


Just a little high energy pumpkin bread!! I love your teeeeensy pumpkin and spooky spider!


I never wrote to say, but I used your banana bread recipe and it is fabulous! SO fabulous I've used it six or seven times now. I might have exhausted it, in fact.
So would it be rude to ask for this pumpkin bread recipe? So I might spice it up for the fam? Admiring bread eaters want to know!


I thought I was the President of COMING HOME WITH THE WRONG GROCERY ITEM LAND! I'm sure it was still delish!


I'd love the recipe, too, if you don't mind! And I loved the "sugar + more sugar" note :)


Well, sometimes we need "sugar + more sugar". cute spider!

Passions & Distractions

"he just couldn't wrap his head around "sugar + more sugar = something bad.""

I agree with him. I can't quite figure out how that's a problem, either! Great polymer pumpkin, by the way!


Aww how cute! I love stuff you can make with polymer clay but alas I have no talent with it.

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