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those are so cute! i'm sure he and his friends will love them! thanks for posting this. now i'm in the crowd that doesn't really like crocs, but i do know a lot of people that wear them all the time, so this is a very good idea!


It's so flexible for kids to arrange the charms by themselves. really nice!

mimi k

This is great! How about turning your crocs into girly party shoes with a big bow or fake flowers! I might have to go buy some crocs- although that might not be such a great idea in October in Boston :-)


What a brilliant idea!

jenny vorwaller

hee hee, im so out of it, i didn't know those were called crocs....i like the cuteness.


yes, DIY, i love it!


Very cute idea!!


Oh, what a great idea! Max loves his crocs too, I think this will go over big with him!


So clever!! Might have to do something for my daughter's crocs now! Btw - I've been following your blog for about two weeks now. I really enjoy it. Thank you.


Sarah Day

You have to love a woman's ingenuity!


So cute. Buddy must be pleased! Maybe that's what crocs need-customization;)


You are a clever and ingenious Mochi!!!


Fantastic! What a great idea -- and thanks for sharing the secret. My daughter has hidden one of my crocs, but I'm going to doll up the other one ASAP! Thanks again.


thats an awesome idea! i've been thinking of getting some for my son, and now I have a reason- to decorate them of course. you are genius!


That is freakin' hilarious. But, I am NO FAN of Crocs. Kids like 'em you say? Hm. I'll have to think about that one.


Hello Lauri! Time to go get your coffee and wake up!

I'm sitting here reading about jewelry for crocs, and I'm seriously thinking crocodiles! And wondering...who in the world would want to put jewelry on crocodiles??? lol!

I have seen the little colored dots for them before, but I love the idea of the buttons! And so easy! Claire has some, but not the other 2 (Allison and Ethan)...gonna have to find some for them just so I can decorate! lol!


That's brilliant!! those "jewels" are so pricey here, and I was trying to figure out a way to make them myself - your way is simple and so clever! Thanks for the tutorial!


I don't like the crocs, but I like this idea, you are such a smart mom Myra! He'll love it!


I like your blog ,is very cute and the name too :)


These are the best!!! I've purchased initial charms for 4/$15 (thanks goodness it was a short name!) - you've saved me a ton of moolah on future gifties! Congratulations on the Whip-Up nod!


Where do you get the buttons from - i love the idea - my kids are always looking for new crafts!


Thank you (x1,000,000)!!! My dd has been bugging me to buy the Jibbitz and I just can't spend the money. Plus, they don't really have anything in Irish Dance (her passion). Now I can make her some. Thank you.


This idea is featured on Parent Hacks today. Great idea Myra!


I spent $4 on two charms for my daughter's crocs, and she broke one trying to put it in herself. As the official world's meanest mom, I refused to buy more. Now I can relent and make her some spiffy new ones! Off to check the button box...


OMG I am sooooo going to go try that!

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