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stephanie s

i don't know how you found this. i think 1, 2 and 3 are embarrassing familiar... thanks, that was fun.

Kathy B.

I loved each of Komaneko's little adventures! Thanks for sharing!


That is so cute!


ha!! I can relate! Thanks for the link, this is just great.


That's us, isn't it?! So true. Only that we are not half as cute!
Thanks for the link!!


That was wonderful. Thank you!


Thanks for pointing us in the direction of these adorable videos! I never would have found them on my own!


So sweet! Thanks for sharing the links.


That second video scares me, cause at the end he looks like he's going to stab some bitches.


Also, the last one - it being 4am and all, I am kinda freaked that all my crafts are going to come to life right...NOW. I'm creeping out, man.


OMG! Too darn cute!


Thanks for posting these links! Max is going to love these movies, as do I!


Thanks for sharing!! I love Komaneko!


OMG I think I just died from the cuteness XD


Thanks for sharing! IT really reminds me of the wonderful stop motion animation that Rankin and Bass did (ex: Rudolph). Wonderful to see there are still those out there who are willing to put the time into such wonderful animation!

Veronica TM

Those are the cutest little movies ever! Thank you so much for the link!


Aw! I loved these shorts. I wish there were more!


aww that was just toooooo cute
i loved it!
and when they came to life awww

and the green button eye thing was so funny... hehehe
i wanna know what happens too!!!! :)


Now I'm wishing I could read more than a few characters of Japanese. My toddler has watched these movies more than a little obsessively over the last few days...


Thanks for posting this! Komaneko is wonderful. I do love a cat who sews her own softies to make her own films...

patricia realini

if you like komaneko you'll definitely like boku wa kuma
it's a cute kid's video and the song is called "boku wa kuma" (meaning: i'm a bear ) performed by utada hikaru

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