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oh myra that book is a treasure! the illustrations are so cute, loving the little pigs, and the proverbs, not to mention the amazing back story and recipes to boot! great find!

stephanie s

that is a wonderful book! i love the piggies too. such humor! i wonder what the story is behind the illustrator - you know, if there is one...


what a great book and interesting story!


The illustrations are great. Very cool find!


wow! that book is crazy good!!


I love it wish I had one just like it. If strange things happen and you find another one, I would love to do a swap. I have a really cool vintage jello book:)


those pictures are the is so cartoony and graphic.


What a great book!
I'm always on the lookout for older cookbooks for the recipes and the illustrations.
It really is an interesting story behind it too!
Thanks for sharing!


Oh, this is so cute! I'm glad they found sucess in Japan after everything they had been through.

Aerin Kang

That is the cutest cookbook ever. The pigs are so cute it will feel quite sinful to cook pork, wouldn't it?


Those illos are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.


I love how relevant the pictures are to the recipes. Really makes you think about what a bamboo shoot must go through, huh?




Totally fabulous illustrations!


This is lovely. The illustrations are so cute. Great find.


My Mother had that cookbook and used it often when I was growing up.( in the 60's) It may not seem very Chinesey now, but back then it was considered very exotic. Ingredients were difficult to come by in the average supermarket. My father was an airline pilot who flew to Japan, Hong Kong & Taiwan all through the 60's. He brought many cookbooks and ingredients home for my mother, hopeful that she would learn to make his favorite dishes.


i love those images! they are just like the ones in my chinese school workbooks as a kid.


So beautiful illustrations!!


cute illustrations
such a great find...i'm a little bit jealous ;)


I just received the same book from my grandmother! It is such a charming little book, an excellent find for sure!

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