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amy in az

Oh my! Those two kalakoa dollies are A-dorable! I love the colors in the ducky one especially! GREAT JOB MYRA! xo


I've been wanting to acquire a Cotton Paint, especially now that I see yours! I love the wild color combos on your kalakoa's!


Adorable! Fantastic fabrics, cute faces, I think you put your own happy personality into them. They are lovely.


These are adorable! Love the fabrics and the happy mojo they give off! Jeez, they're cute!


They look really happy, so I would say that you achieved that joy in crafting you was looking for. Cheerful colors too!


adorable! I love yours even more than the one in the magazine, those bright eyes and smiles, and all those happy colors! great job!


they're too too cute! love the bright colors. adorable!


Myra, these are so cute! I love the plush head on the bear.


Love your website honey!


totally cute, both of them! I love your colour choises and that pattern! Wish I had that pattern! :-)


definitely cuter than the cover - great job! high aspirations - but you pulled it off!


Love those dolls-- so cute. I also meant to comment on the adorable cupcakes...I love that one had a frown. It's all about contrast, isn't it?


These are fabulous. Love the fabrics and patterns you used!


Love, love, love the dolls.


I love them! Personally i think your guys are cuter than the original hehe


They are so adorable!


Oh, they are fantastic! I really love the colours you've used. :)


I love Cotton & Paint. I have only one issue but I look at it all the time. And I love this particular soft toy artist! Here work is so exuberant. Your bear and duck are super.


Awwww, they are sweet. I think you've captured a sense of fun. Great stuff .
: )


They are super-cute, lovely. and look at the mini wagon, I want one!!!


I'm lovin' the bear. Too stinkin' cute!

a different carolyn

cutest softies EVER. the duck is taking my breath away!


Love the duck! Very sweet.


myra you always get everything right, and your creations are always amazing! these two cuties included! glad you could "let loose" a bit and have fun with this!

Veronica TM

Those are so adorable! They are not matchy-matchy but the patterns go great together. Beautiful! And the photos of them hanging out at the park are great.
Thank you for your sweet words on my blog, Myra!

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