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Honestly? If it's in perfect condition, then no... I wouldn't cut it up. But if you let Buddy wear it to be a bear for a while, what are the odds of it *staying* in perfect condition, eh? And then you can transform it into bears to your heart's content!!


I wouldn't be able to cut it either. The time will come when you will be ready to cut it - and the kimono and obi, as well as the books. But until I felt right about it, I would wait. I have done this with many different items. Some waited 10+ years, but then I was ready and felt very good about cutting them up. It just takes time to be ready.
And hey, if Buddy is enjoying it as it is right now, enjoy it for that. The bear will always be there, waiting to be formed.


CUT CUT CUT! I'm the same way but I think if you can get past that first snip, you'll be fine. teehee


Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I took a trip to the thrift store yesterday and bought 4 , count em 4 wool coats---I'll be snipping into them by next week with GLEE!!!
Thanks for the inspiration!


I hve the same problem. Maybe you will feel a little better if you take some photos of it, so it is recorded and its former existence is paid homage - then cut it up. Things are to be used. you are recycling and that is a wonderful thing. You may make a toy that will be passed on for four generations


Know that feeling... That was the point when I decided to become a textile conservator. Now, surrounded by stashes of old textiles in my everyday museums life I have the honour to keep and preserve, it is a little easier to cut something at home. But there are still some treasures I have to cuddle instead of cutting them!


You need to just sit with it for awhile. I have special fabrics that I find I have to admire for awhile before taking the scissors to it. No matter how spectacular the planned outcome, maybe you just need to wait until you're good and ready.

Judy Scott

"cut it and get lots of pleasure from the treasure you make from it. There will be so much fabric from this and probably a lining as well???? Go on do it - you know you want to!" ..............................................
Now, that is me talking to me, I know how hard this is, he he he he. Think we all suffer from the same 'problems'. GOOD LUCK Jxx


This has been very interesting to read.... I have the guilt too. I do multi media stuff, and can't bring myself to cut into a real photo- even the ones from eBay. Good luck.


Hmmm, quite a quandary you're in. I do sympathize. 10 years ago(?)--perhaps yes...maybe, close enough--I purchased a beautiful wool blend at a one-time fabric sale. The vendor(s) came from the L.A. garment district and were unloading the previous season's remnants. The idea was to make a walking coat. When I laid it out, I choked at picking up the scissors to make an initial cut. Needless to say it is still wrapped in tissue in its original designer bag. To date, no courage about cutting, and also no qualms about keeping the piece in tact. Follow your creative heart, but only if your head is creatively conflicted!

(BTW, those 2 yds cost me $148. I think it would cost more to make a mistake with the garmnet than to live with the purchase price.)


I have my own test before I rip something up. I have to answer no to the following questions:
Will I wear this garment again?
Have I asked everybody around me if they wanted it?
Will I make a better deal if I sell it?

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