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I say if it fit you, and looked really great, don't cut it. But really, how much use are you gonna get out of a mohair jacket in Hawaii? I think it will get much more use as a lovable softie, rather than languishing on a hanger, never to be worn again.


Chop it, chop it. While it's whole it is always going to make you feel slightly guilty, but as soon as it is flat fabric you can complete the act of rescuing it by making something new and useful.


cut, cut, cut! but i have a hard time with this as well - maybe because things start out as functional and/or beautiful, and even though they're not in use now, if you mess up they'd be less than they started out? i don't know. previous generations would probably totally love the fact that you're making use of what you have - and remembering the past at the same time. i'm sure you'd come up with something amazing - i'm jealous of your kimono box! what a beautiful quilt that would make!


I have this same problem too. I also have boxes of stuff to be used "someday". If it has any meaning for me, then I have a hard time using it. I strongly believe in reusing things, but I guess I'm afraid that whatever I make won't come out well, and I'll have wasted/ruined the vintage/meaningful whatever it was. Since I suffer from the same problem, I don't have any helpful tips for you. Perhaps a couple of shots of tequila first? Wait, that might doom the project for good, if you're anything like me.

Karen in Wichita

I have the same problem, which results in me being thrilled to find things like a faux-lynx fur coat with chewing gum stuck in it. Woo! No cutting guilt!


I say cut - I can see it being really loved as something else - softies? Better than hanging in the cupboard.


Let me at it! I'll cut it up for you, no prob! Oh, it's gonna be great! Never let the GUILT stand in the way--it has no purpose now hanging in the closet. GO FOR IT!!!


Cut. But I know the dilemma. I always hope for some holes or stains to have an official excuse to transform a piece of clothing into a piece of fabric.
I can only recommend you to look more closely... there must be some flaws!!!! Good luck.


Cut it and the obi and kimono stuff too. I just received a handmade clutch from kimono material and it's lovely. You can't treasure an item if it's boxed up right?


I want to say "Cut it! Cuuuuuuuuuuuut it!"

But I can't. Because I can't even cut new fabric, letalone vintage fabric.

Good luck with that.

Please publish a 10-step program if you ever conquer our fear.

stephanie s

i bought a fur stole on ebay for $25 a few years ago to use for crafting - it came and was so beautiful i couldn't touch it. ended up giving it to my cousin who wore it at her wedding. also, i have been walking by a brooks brothers sport coat i brought home for $10 because the wool is so great. it is in perfect condition and i can't bring myself to cut it yet. i am going to offer it to a friend, if it fits, it's his. if not, i am going after it with the scissors. so... it is easy for me to SAY cut it - very hard for me to do it myself.... good luck - but i have to say everything you make is so wonderful i think using it for your projects will be the best use for the coat....


I say cut it. Vintage doesn't always mean stylish... but whatever you do with it will be great I'm sure!


Don't cut things in perfect condition. IF there are holes and stains, cut away.


cut cut cut cut cut cut cut! just keep chanting!


Aah, what a dilemma. When I learned to quilt one lady brought a box of vintage lace that was her mother-in-laws. I had never seen such beautiful lace. Her quilt theme was teapots and we all were to use a bit of this lace in the quilt block. It was quite a revelation that something old could have new life. Cut it up!


If you plan to wear them...keep it.
If you don't plan to wear them...CUT it.

I would like a bear please.... ;)


It's a hard one! My MIL gave me a box of old lace pieces, and it isn't even family (I don't think!) but could I dye it and use it? I don't think so! She's given me beads to restring and I can't! Sentiment is a difficult obstacle. Thanks for the Larry info - it was new to us English folk!


I've got the same problem, but have occasionally been forced to overcome it. It's very liberating, and I never feel guilty afterwards. Unfortunately, it kicks back in right away. Start with your least favorite old thing, and go from there.

Delly Bean

I hope I'm not too late...I say cut it when Buddy's done wearing it to be a bear. It will prolong the life, and the transformation will be magical...

'R something.


Yes, I agree with Delly Bean...let Buddy have it until he's outgrown its beary-ness. Then cut away!

Miss Dot

yes, plus if you were to say...let Buddy wear it WHILE say doing a little glueing? you with me? easy!


hmmm not sure about the jacket but the new blueprint magazine had an idea about enlarging images and blowing them up. you can copy and enlarge your vintage illustrations and then frame them and hang them on your wall.

Veronica TM

I am afraid I can't help you because I suffer from the same fobia. I love to dream about making everything from vintage salvaged stuff and then I can't bring myself to do it.


Cut it. What if Picasso had of said ''this blank canvass is so lovely, I don't think I can stand to paint on it...''. You're an artist, too! If you cut - the jacket, which was one thing, is now another...if you don't cut's forever a jacket...that you'll probably never wear. x
PS: and whatever you make from the coat will be a 1000 times more interesting.


I have the same problem! I have a pile of dresses that I have either worn once or not at all (ok 1 has the price tag on it and my 11 yr old picked it up, squeezed the shoulders and said "Nice pads" very sarcastically! I love the fabric/print and would love to do something with them.You're in good company. What are we going to do?!!!

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