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What a great pattern and your toys are so cute! I tried the rabbit, you can see it here:


So cute animals!Very sweet!


very cute

madame artsy

darling! thanks for sharing the pattern.


So cute! Thank you very much for sharing this pattern!


Really cute...but how do u get the ears so PERFECT?? Arghhh...but i really cool design! Thanks! :)


I am surprise to saw that how cute the pattern & they easy to make I will also try for make good toys likt these.thanks to pattern.


These are so cute! I'm going to have to make some for Easter next year...Bernie


Thanks for sharing. They're very very cute.


They are both so very cute and my daughter will love them! Thanks for sharing the patterns!


Thank you!!

Veronica Darling

I know you posted this a while ago - but here's mine!


Just wonderful. Thank you for the pattern :)


I just noticed the dates from this post and I realize that this is a long shot but.....

I work for an optometrist who participates in the Infantsee program -- a program that offers free initial eye exams to babies under a year old. He found a picture of your Chibi kitties and rabbits and asked me if it would be possible to make a few to give away to the babies as a sort of prize. I tried to download the pattern but it doesn't go anywhere. Is it still available as a free .pdf download? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks in advance!!

Austin of Sundrip

Oh my goodness. I love the black kitties. What adorable little guys.

I started making dolls back in September of 2008. So far I've only made 6 but I love it. I made 2 bears the other day.... so much to learn. I'm looking forward to it though.

I was warned before I came to your site, if I don't like cute don't come here. Good thing I like cute huh?

Blessings and happy stitches
Austin of Sundrip Journals


So very cute. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! Beutiful!!!


Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for sharing! They are sooo cute! and your tutorial is great! Libby


super cute!!!


Very cute softies, thanks for the tutorial and the patern
I speak a little english because I'm French but I can make the project


Thank you so much for the pattern and tutorial!

Thanks for posting such a cute tutorial - I made one to post on my blog today -


These are perfect for a project we plan for teenage girls--making little bunnies for children in the hospital for Easter.

marli lunaro

Como traduzir esta página?


Thanks for your pattern! They are all very cute!! :)

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