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Thanks Myra! Can't wait to make these. Great pattern.

Lindsay Youngs

this is the first time i've ever seen your blog. everything you make is so cute! i just love it! thanks for the pattern


dude. we're so in agreement. of course faces should be made before being stuffed - hello so much easier. and i also hate having to sew on stuffed appendages later. why would i want to handsew on something that a kid could easily pull off, that would have worked better machine sewed but then is a problem to stuff. argh!


Hi! I'm a new kid on the block, on the blog area that is... I've just recently created my own blog, come and visit me! or

mimi k

I also cringe at the thought of cutting up a perfect coat- I am happy that it's coat life will be extended as a bear costume. Seems like an excellent next step. After a few whiles in that life, maybe it will be stained or worn or ripped and then you will have no problem cutting it. You will also be able to be happy thinking of the fabric as the old bear costume coat instead of a slightly guilty feeling and no personal attachment. Long live little kids wearing too big coats and calling themselves bears!!!

Veronica TM

They are all so adorable! I will download the pattern and give it a try. Thank you so much for your generosity!


I printed the pattern at once, and will make some chibi-people to live with me. thank you thank you Myra, great patterna and the creatures are sooooo cute! totally.

you rock girl!


Oh they are so adorable! Thanks for sharing the patterns, too.


Omigod I love the bunny with the moustache. So, so cuuute!


gorgeous blog, gorgeous bunnies!!! They are all going out for an icecream and then on to the local fair for a fun night out in bunnyville, tomorrow they might all wake up with fairy floss headaches!


such a sweet little bunny - thank you for sharing the pattern


I love the one with the fork and spoon so much!

-m. patrizio


cuter than cute!


Love them! They are so cute!! Thanks for the tutorial.


so cute! i especially love the utensil-kitty and the blue-pants bunny from the solo pic. love them!


i love these! you are so kind to share your pattern!!! you definitely need to create a flickr group - i'm sure there will be many many of these little guys made!!


I made some!
see them here:
Thank you for the adorable patterns!


Love these - will include a link to them on my new blog One Hour Craft. Hope that is ok with you.


I have included one of your photos and a link to this post on my new site
They are just the cutest softies!


Hola: Muchas gracias por el tutorial, prometo intentar hacerlo. Puse el link en mi página. Besitos.


Hi Myra, thanks for this pattern! I made 3 today and found your instructions to be very easy to follow and well presented. I ended up putting it together a little differently to the way you have described (I cut out the shape with seam allowances before embellishing) as I didn't have any fabric transfer paper. I have posted about it on my blog and have included a link to your tutorial.


Oh they are so adorable, thank you so kindly for sharing the pattern with us all. I shall try to make some one day. Cuteness. And then I might share a kitty bunny with a little child. ^_^ fun


Thanks for your cute chibi kitty and bunny pattern. Finally got around to making one. You can see it on my blog. She was really cute'll see what I mean when you read it!

Thanks again. I really enjoy your blog!

Dana :)


how did you get the pink on the cheeks and inner ears on your felt animal mascots?


wow, thanks alot - i just discoverd the world of "softie making" and can't wait to buy some fabrics and get too work. Very generous of you to share such a cute pattern. thanks again :)

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