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oh, so cute! country craft was my first crafty phase! thanks for the pattern, i have some fabric that needs to be put to use.


Country craft was my first love too, and I still like it. : )
Your bunny is toooo cute, and I love the one with the moustache. What fun !

stephanie s

thank you for the pattern, i love the one with the fork and knife...very charming.


those are soooo cute! - very nice of you to share the pattern!


Oooo... free pattern of something adorable? So generous!


Adorable. Thanks so much.


Oh, those are wonderful! I am going to have to keep my daughter away from the computer screen because if she sees the one with the fork and knife, I will have a new weekend project 8-)


How could these guys be rejected? They are all so wonderful--love love kitty with fork and knife--but I have black kitties on the brain so I am most certainly biased.


These are so adorable. Perfect for little gifts and such. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I'm a sucker for bunny ears so I can't wait to make one.


Oh. my. God.

Thanks, Myra. The cuteness is almost unbearable. Get ready to set up a Flickr group...! You have such a definite style, and I'm so excited to be able to create a mochi-esque softie for my girls. Thanks again!


That is some super cute background fabric, too, by the way. That piggy face...! Love it.


Thank you so much! They're adorable!


Oh how cute! Thank you for sharing. I love the little flowers you included in the rabbit picture. The one with fork and knife is adorable. :0)


so sweet Myra! and i love seeing them all in a row... thanks so much for sharing!


aren't you the sweetest! I can't wait to make some of these. I love your blue bunny fabric in the first photo.


So very cute. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!


Myra - these are fantastic :) Thanks for sharing the pattern and photos :D Will have to bookmark for printing!


kawaiiiiii! they are too cute! Thank you for sharing your pattern -- I think I might have to make a couple to include in some surprise packages. :)


That kitty with the fork and knife and little tongue is so wonderful! What great work! And you put together the pattern, too. That's awesome.

Karen in Wichita

Yeah, you should definitely get rid of those reject critters. You can send that fork-and-knife kitty to me... you know, so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

In return, I could send you some gum to stick on the coat when you're ready to cut it up. Worked for me with the lynx coat (which I blogged on for WIP today... along with the pattern for the chibis).


Gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial too :)


Thanks a lot to share with us this beautiful pattern of those cutty characters :)
I'll send you a picture when I'll make one ;)


Wonderful!! So cute!!! You're amazing.


They are so cute. I like the Chibi cat with knife & fork the most.

crafty champloo

Awesome pattern and tutorial! Check out mine - a little wonky but it's my first try. Thanks again! :)

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