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I am intrigued by the addition of sour cream. Recently I found a recipe for banana muffins This recipe used 1c. wheat flour and 1 1/4c. all-purpose. I think the addition of wheat flour and bananas which are mashed till slightly lumpy created the moistest banana nut muffins ever. Also the nuts were toasted and nutmeg was added along with cinnamon. The next time I get over-ripe naners I will experiment with your recipe by adding the wheat flour, nutmeg, and putting the batter in muffin cups. Have a great week.


Looks delicious!


Oy, I do not know how people function without a/c. Your banana bread looks really yummy!


Thanks for sharing the recipe -- Will try soon. My son already "pretends" to bake w/ his legos. He copies me when I bake cookies or cupcakes. I did watch food network almost all morning last last Saturday and the cook said he likes using over ripe bananas too and he said they are a little bit sweeter that way.



I especially like the look of the nuts on top of the bread. I once was given a slice of banana bread that had choc chips in it, and it was incredible! I've been meaning to try making it.


Thank you for sharing the recipe - it looks delicious! Also, I have been trying for years to find a great banana bread recipe, so I have high hopes. (I've made lots of truly OK banana bread, but as of yet, nothing sublime....)

Fortunately for me, I also subscribe to the "slightly old bananas go in the freezer" trick, so we should be ready to go....


Thanks for the recipe, I will try it. Also it was great to read the other comments...lots of great tips there as well.

Veronica TM

Thank you for the recipe, it looks delicious!
Hope you can take some time to rest.


Wow - you really are the best mom ever! It's gotten really hot here in Seattle, too, and the family knows I will not even look at the oven! This looks really yummy, I'll make some when the weather cools off.


WOW! I couldn't resist....I just happened to have 3 ripe bananas sitting on my kitchen countertop. I used 2 of them for the recipe. Instead of walnut topping, I made a streusel topping. I gave it a wonderful crunch:

mix together:
1 1/4c flour
1/3c brown sugar
1/3c sugar
7T melted butter
Mix until crumbly. Spoon half on top of mixture before going into the oven.

This makes enough for double recipe of banana bread.


okay, that looks really yummy and I haven't had my dinner yet. I have 3 very black bananas sitting on the kitchen counter (i use 'em black too)--I will have to try the dairy free version of this recipie cause my boy loves the banana bread just like his mum.


i agree - bananas have to be black and almost growing mold on the skin in order to make moist banana bread. i am always disappointed when i buy other people's banana breads at farmers' markets and such as it is invariably dry and nasty. even the most basic banana bread recipe - betty crocker or joy of or whatever - comes out great as long as your bananas are black enough.


Bananas are for monkeys.
I really have nothing to say. I just miss talking to you.


Can't wait to make this fluffy banana bread. Sounds divine.
As I am a domestic ungoddess I cant answer any of the questions above sorry.


mmm yummmy. Cute presentation. It has been really hot here in San Jose. Would love to try your recipes after the heat wave. The monkey behind the bread is cute!

Lolita Blahnik

I will try this recipe looks yummy!!!


I just made this now - yum! What a great way to use up squishy summer bananas. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


oh you must feel sorry for all of us in Australia....... after a terrible cyclone in Queensland virtually all banana farms were destroyed, now we have poor quality bananas at 20 times the usual i long for this banana bread so so very much but cant afford nanies, and esp not to let them spoil.....oohhhh:(


I printed this out ages ago and finally got round to making it yesterday, and you're right - it IS the bees knees. Knocks my old faithful Moosewood recipe (with coffee) for six. Thanks for sharing.


Hey thanks so much for sharing the recipe.. I'm pretty much new to baking...:( can someone tell me which flour to use?? is it all purpose flour??

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