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Oh - the amazing cuteness of the bento site! Now I only want to eat cute food with personality....


Oh so cute. I wish I had to make me some of those cute bentos. Lunch would be so much more fun!


Don't worry, I'm sure your fella will let you know (maybe after a few days of school) what others have and "he'd like the same..." Also, it's common for the kids to share their foods at that age (at least my son did for many years).

I'll take the bento lunches if he declines them, esp. the rice:)


How can he not like rice? How is that possible? I'm sure you ask yourself that question too. My Max is such an uninterested eater--he's just not that into food (unless it's sugar coated and chocolate dipped). I keep wondering how a child of mine can be uninterested in food. Is it possible that he was switched in the hospital?

That bento site is crazy-cute. My favorite is the shrimp & maki "crab" scene. While looking at these, I kept thinking "someone has too much time on her hands."

BTW, love the trike T-shirt stencil. It looks great!


I've been thinking exactly the same since my son is going to start going to kindergarten this fall too. :)
But I sometimes make obento lunch even to eat at home for fun so nothing will change. My son will take any food in his Anpanman(Do you know?) obento box even when he has no appetite for anything else. :D


Isn't that site amazing? The best I have done with my daughters is a hamtaro bento, and several times I cut their carrots into flowers-which they didn't eat.

Does he like noodles? dumplings? There are a number of livejournal communities for bentos that have some really great ideas, from traditional to exploring other cultures.


Thanks for the great link! That site is awesome! Oh, we live near some dinosaur tracks and so our school is pretty big on dinosaurs.


Thats it, my kids and I are getting bentos. Who can resist all those cute foods!!!


myra, i love rice. will you make my lunches??? please??


my mom used to pack me bento lunches and boy did i get teased (i lived in a community with very few asians). as much as i loved musubi (still do!) i begged my mom to make something "normal" like pb&j, which she did not do. i don't know if it's because of that, but i *only* made pb&j sandwiches for my son's first year of school, which he just finished.

maybe i'll take a cue from one of your commenters and make some bento lunches during the summer to see if he'll warm up to them. but i gotta admit i'd never be able to make anything as cute as those bentos on the site you posted!

p.s. what's your favorite musubi type? mine's shaké.


Yay for rice balls! I wish I could read Japanese a lot better than I can...


Hello everyone and hello lovely mylittlemochi author :) I love your site :) :) :)

I couldn't help but chirp in about this bento idea - it's fantastic, have you been to and the ladies that make the box at :)

It's my preferred lunchbox and works WONDERFULLY :)

That's all, have a beautiful day :) love much - joanie :)


Check out "Cooking Cute".

She has inspired me to make bento lunches for my husband.


my son hates rice too. (which frustrates me to no end 'cause i am sick of french fries) i've been sending him to school (salt lake) with nutella sandwiches, fruit and little smokies. success!!

i bet the teachers think i'm a nut for giving him chocolate sandsiwhes for lunch. screw it, i'm just glad he's eating something. and it would be totally acceptable in europe anyway...

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