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I would vote for the craft room. =) It could be a source of inspiration!


Ah! That's my favorite of his new batch of prints. We have several Jay Ryan's hung all around the house. Love his stuff!


that print is truly superb! And the funk-thing? I get out of mine by having a day or two sulking about it, followed by a day of immersion in cool stuff other people have made. And chocolate.


oh my gosh, I love that one! I'm so sad I missed out on it. gotta be more on the ball.

enjoy it!


love it! I also like the dog in socks...

Passions & Distractions

That is amazing! I can imagine just how even more fabulous it is in person!


That's a beautiful print! I can see why Buddy would want it in his room. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, wherever it ends up!

As for a crafting lull: I can recommend a cross-country drive (not cross-Hawaii, that's not quite long enough). Well, it hasn't quite helped me out of a lull, but at least I'm not worrying about it right now!


Amazing! I would vote for the living room, then everyone could share.


The photo looks great!


Oooh, those posters are so neat! And I see they are available for sale in my hometown of Manchester, UK which I just so happen to be visiting this summer... Looks like I just found the artwork for my new apartment, thanks!


Wow, that print is incredible.

I'm such a sucker for Jay Ryan's stuff. We bought a couple more of his prints from the Manchester gallery a couple of weeks ago.

I was going to wait till we get them framed, to post about them, but you've inspired me. (and plus then the glass won't reflect in the shots.)

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