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i'm home today from work with an upset stomach. i have tons of work waiting for me at my desk. i drew 7 of my co-workers who i am missing and i know i can count on to make work more manageable for me when i get back tomorrow. they help me get through my work day when things get rough....


I drew 7 cats with 7 balls of yarn :)


I drew seven robots.

They are the only thing I can draw.


seven little bunnies. it could have something to do with Easter...


I drew seven cups of coffee cause that's what I desperately need right now. :)


I quickly scribbled seven crumpled pieces of tissue paper.


7 different things for me:
flower, the number 7, penguin/bird, girl face, rolling pin, apron, car


i drew seven circles and colored them in - i love dots. :)


i drew seven octopi


I drew seven apples.


I drew the seven people in my living room right now: Ana (8), May (7), Asher (2), Liva (9), Me (cough), Bella (5) and Meda (2). It's a happening place. I drew realyreally fast.


I drew 7 sheep as soon as I read your entry, on a scrap piece of paper with black felt pen. Two are sitting, one is grazing and the others are staring back at me.

Gina L

I drew a circus parade, with 1 ringer leader and 6 animals.


I drew 7 little dancers. I'm curious about the experiment!


i drew 7 cupcakes.


seven different patterns on seven square yellow post-it notes :o) I'm curious too!


I drew seven sakura blossoms. Then I drew seven koi. This was a good experiment, I've been needing to get around to drawing those koi (for a project I have in mind).


Gaah! The suspense is killing me! What are you doing?

(I posted my pictures, too, by the way-- but I really want to see everyone else's!).


7 4-petaled flowers, my standard quick doodle.


2 monsters 2 princes and princesses! Oy though not the best! So fun! Can't wait to find out the purpose of this fun question!!

Lolita Blahnik

A carrot,my boyfriend MrI, a heart, myself, an extrange elf, some easter eggs and my brother.


I drew 7 little birdies - just quick sketches/doodles.


Picked up my Sharpie and doodled 7 different dresses. Oh, how long has it been since I've worn one of those...?


whoo~ this sounds interesting! XD

I drew seven faces! (^0^)


4 flowers, 2 butterflies and 1 ladybug.

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