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*0* they are soo ssooo cute !!! I love them !


oh my! they're naked! thank you for the sweet diversion....


SF-action in craft blog world, yayy! give us more! the spaceship is awsome!


congratulations, they're fantastic!


I love it so much. I should do something like that for my two little aeronauts (Joel and Luke) The on location shots are great.


Fantastic! Great expressions on those simple, little faces! I love the photo with the dangerous dragon/dinosaur.


I love the spacesuits! And even more so once I realized they were removable! Do they both fit inside the spaceship (without the creature, that is)? I love making up stories like this. Perhaps you could print out successive pictures and bind them together into a little book...


Lovely, lovely, lovely. I am not a space-y person, but you've got me going here, it's so completely charming. Can't decide what my favourite part is. The reversible faces. The little belly buttons!! The space suits and the rocket. All of it. Never mind a book, you should make a little tv show!!


I always loved Spaceman Spiff and Lego myself, & aeronautical equipment now seems so much better in felt.


What a great post: the craft! the pics! the story! and the suggestion--I'll have to dig up some Calvin and Hobbes to read to Leo. I especially love the reversible heads (or whatever I should call them)--what did you use to paint them?


I love them! What a neat idea - making the clothing removeable and the different faces.
Reading your blog always inspires me!


those are AWESOME! what a great mom you are!!!


How clever! I'll bet Buddy loves them.


That is so brilliant! I would have loved this as a child (and I love it now!).


TOO CUTE!!!! Thank you so much for the charming skit! I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes - my very favorite and also very important timing in my life - thank you for sparking the memories!



oh how adorable..the the possibilities are just endless with those naked kids! i love the commentary on the inspiration! too cute!

Gina L



ahhhhhhhhh! that is too TOO cute! i could hear the B-52's beep-beeping their background music as i fell more in love with each pic. so clever and way cute!


Hello Guggenheim Foundation?

Yes, well Myra needs a Genius Grant because she is one. A crafty genius!!!

Great work, Myra.


Absolutley adorable. Can't wait for more adventures of Biff and Suzie.


They are great!! wonderful story :D


so cute! oscar's been on me for a while now to make him a rocket. I made that foxtail and he exclaimed 'rocket!' and those space suits are killing me. too cute!!

Passions & Distractions

So cute! I want to play with them, esp. the rocket ship!


Adorable and clever!


Delurking to say...These are soooo cuuuute!
My eight year old is into Calvin & Hobbs right now, I wonder if he'd think these were cool, I know I do! Simply wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!

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