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what a great resource! cool. if I stop being lazy I might try to update my list as well!

June Tan

Thanks so much! It's been so difficult just looking at the pictures and trying to figure it out!


Thanks so much!


Hi, I just bought myself a japanese crochet book. I don't really read japanese. I can read hiragana/katakana, but clueless about the kanji part. I can guess/read the chart, but I'm having trouble figuring out what crochet hook size to use. Do you have any idea which character tells me the crochet hook size to use for the pattern?
Thanks again for the help


Thanks so much for such a wonderful reference.


hi there, i was so thrilled with the japanese pattern help you provided!! yay! it'll be great if you have one for bag making too cos i ordered two bag making books from japan n am a little nervous about starting on a pattern. It'll be so appreciated! :) thanks!


Thank you very much, this is really helpful.


You are a LIFESAVER!!!! I studied Japanese for a year in college but I'm unable to read alllll that kanji. You are the best!


This is a great resource, thanks for posting! You (or anyone reading this) wouldn't happen to have crochet translations do you? I can only find translation information for knitting.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm going to print this and have it laminated! LOL

Too bad Makewrite's blog isn't up anymore :(

cori w

this is so awesome! i just bought a japanese bag pattern figuring i could figure it out on my own but this is awesome!


Thank you so much for sharing these :) It's really helpful


thank you!

m wong

Thanks so much. This is so helpful. I just got some japanese pattern books but couldn't figure out the instructions. Hope to do so now.

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