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I'm proud of you (cleaning) I know I always need lots of pats on the back for cleaning but hey it feels good when you're done! Plus I love the embroidery and the book caught me eye right off-you scored on that one!


It may not have been a day at the fabric store, but at least you got a clean house out of it. That's worth a lot! And it's so much easier to do without, um, help. That pamphlet looks adorable, as does your embroidery.


Sometimes getting the house cleaned results in more creative energy, at least for me.
Your embroidery is not only charming, but exquisitely done!


Your day alone sounds very familiar. A lot of my time alone is spent wandering around frantically trying to decide what to do, I want to do everything! I love that piece of embroidery, love it. Her dress looks like little french knots, I have the hardest time with those.


you're embroidery is really beautiful! and i love the cover of that book! how sweet.


Ohmygod that embroidery is the cutest stinkin' thing! Didn't you hear the squeal I let out when I saw it? I can't even stand it! What stitch did you use to fill it in? It's so... so... well-filled in. So professional. And the illustrations in that cookbook totally remind me of some of your work. Very "you," I'm glad you won the auction.


i just read that you live in honolulu! i just moved away to texas from ewa beach. so sad we never met :( this embroidered piece is so adorable and cute! <33

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

I'm in love with your blog and your creations are so cute !! You're a amazing source of inspiration and it's like a "freshy happy visit" each time I read it ! Thanks for all and sorry for my english ! Smooches from Belgium !


Well done for taking the selfless path (ie housework). I think the lure of 40% off would have been my downfall!

Love the embroidery. I must buy myself a hoop like that. I should imagine it makes life much easier.


I love what's in the hoop but honey, housework on a free day???!!!! I'd have hit that movie theatre in no time flat!!!
We don't believe in housework here btw.


The patch is Adorrrable! Little socks, heehee! And I can SEE why you fell in love with that cookbook!


way to go you for doing the housework. i would have picked p&p for sure! i love that pamphlet. i have been kinda collecting those vintage cooking pamphlets because the b&w illos are great for gocco. just scan them in and then arrange a screen!


Great stitch work, SO cute. Are those just straight stitches? They look alomst like tiny knots. Please show it completed!!


did you design that little woman? so cute!


What a sweet book, and I love your embroidery (design and execution)!


i had plans to clean and declutter on sunday but it actually turned out to be a lazy day...i let my son's toys lay scattered all over the house and just sit on the couch - the only productive thing i did was my nephews taxes.
that's a cute book and nice work on the patch!


looks like you had a nice sunday alone to catch up - i love your embroidery work - is it your own design? this sunday i did get to see pride and prejudice, but now i think i need to read the book (i must be one of very few who hasn't read the book...)to get the full flavor...the movie was good though...enough for my 17 yr old daughter who loves action movies to actually sit through!


Your embroidered patch is so cute!! I love the different textures and pinks and reds. That Fun to Cook book is adorable, too! I really like the vintage illustrations. You're so good about the housework... I tend to procrastinate until the Health Dep't starts sending me Notice Of Condemnation papers. ;-) I bet Buddy had an awesome time at the museum- we spent our whole day off today exploring the new science center and Sesame Street exhibit, too. So fun! Take care, Myra! :-)


By the way, it cracks me up how your needle is a little bent. Mine always do that. Once, I even snapped one in half! Cheap needle? Or am I just *way* too stressed?


oooh! I have the Fun to Cook Book! It was my mom's when she was a girl... So many memories of cooking things with her from it in my little apron on the stepstool...


saw some mochi at the market this morning and started telling my friend all about your designs and faboo blog!


You are such an inspiration! I love the embroidery! Is it all french knots? I have tried embroidering portraits but I add to much detail and they end up looking very strange.

Well well done! Just wonderful!


good job on the housework! i'm like that too, i get motivated when i'm alone. i just don't feel like cleaning when there are other people in the house--guess hanging out with them is more fun.

she's cute! the texture of the filled in areas remind me of bunka shishu...brings back memories of japanese school :)

are there any interesting recipes in the cookbook?


Excellent embroidery!


Oh...that book brought back memories!! I used to have one like it. My Mom finally threw it out because I had spilled on it so much trying to make the recipes!

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