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A soft toy? Painted building blocks? or more LEGO...;-)


love these!!!!!


Cute slippers! Long ago I made a decision that on Christmas morning there would be three presents under the tree for each child. One from Mommy, one from Daddy and one from Santa. It's worked out really well for us, but I have had some people comment that I'm a scrooge. One of the things that has made it work so well for us is that in lean times, the gifts are smaller, but still manageable. In fat times, each gift is extravagant or a "goodie box" of many things. I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the sheer number of packages under the tree. And poor Mom; if things were tight, she still felt the obligation to wrap a plethora of gifts.
Anyway, a fun gift I made for my daughter when she was Buddy's age was a "photo" album. A different family member on each page with something I'd written about each of them underneath. Then I covered each page with clear contact paper, punched holes along the top and tied it together with yarn.
Happy crafting!


hee hee so cute!
i have that blue fabric in red, love it!




Aah, boys can be tough as they don't usually go for the cute stuff. How about a tent or a costume of some sort? I love those slippers.


I'm making Mia a puppet show, a tee pee and dress up clothes.


I LOVE the doggy slippers!! So cute! I'm sure Buddy will love them, especially since the last couple of nights have been a bit nippy. (Dipping into the 60's?! Brrr! ;-)) I'm in the same dilemma right now, since I was hoping to make gifts for Bossy and his friends rather than buy so many. Perhaps a "quiet book" with tasks such as buttons, zippers, etc? Or maybe a felt board with felt pieces for pretending? I think I'm going to make one with a firefighter theme. Sorry, not very original! Hope you had a good trip to Kona today- take care! :-)

Passions & Distractions

Those are so cute! In terms of ideas, if you want to stick with the dog theme, how about a small pillow shaped like a dog bone? You could make a small stuffed dog or a dog-themed blanket. Or you could make an activity backpack (I'm veering away from the dog theme now. Yay!). It could be big enough to hold colors and a coloring book and things along those lines. If you went that route, you could even make the coloring book on your computer (and the colors themselves if you're feeling very adventurous!). Anyway, just some thoughts! Hope they help!

Gina L

What about some dress up clothes. You can use scraps to make, a simple cape maybe a eye mask, silly hat, etc.. I know my kids love dressing up.
This is still buying but it was cheap. My mom one year bought my kids some craft supplies. She went to our dollar store and bought some construction paper, markers, popsicle sticks,this and that. We spent the rest of the winter making projects.


I'm trying to make a few things for my little ones this year, too: a costume, a softie (from the sequel to one of his favorite books, which will also be under the tree), maybe even a very simple puppet theater, the kind that hangs from a curtain rod in your doorway. Now I have lots of other ideas, too! Starting with the super-cute slippers!


Aunty, how about if you can sew purses with christmas trees on them for the girls and and a stocking for the boys.


Aunty, how about if you can sew purses with christmas trees on them for the girls and and a stocking for the boys.


those are some cute slippers, but no mochi slippers?

lucky you decorating your tree, i'm so jealous--the boy banned a real tree this year because he went crazy last year taking it to the dump. curse all those needles! oh well, guess that means i don't have to clean up to make room for the tree :)

hope you had a safe trip!


Very cute slippers! Since Buddy likes dinky cars so much what about making an activity mat for him to use them on? The Martha Stewart kids mag had some fancy ones in one of their issues where it was built on a table but I also found this idea on her site:


i love those slippers! too cute!
my son likes tossing the amigurumi eggs.
just crochet them in "boy" colors.


adorable sliippers! thanks also for the pincushion tutorial. about bendy people -- you can get the blank ones and paint/embellish them, maybe give them a city/town made out of cardboard boxes, cans, paper towel cylinders, etc. or maybe just the pieces and then he can build it - my sister and i used to love that...blocks with color copies of photographs glued to them...i'm trying to do felt "paper dolls" too...ugh, i feel like these aren't very good, i'll keep thinking!

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