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Such a cute idea and I love that you used recycled items. Dark photos?! I think not! You always have the most beautiful pics on your blog.


wow, what a great idea! thanks for the tutorial photos, they're awesome ;)


cute cute CUTE! the cap idea is inspired.


great tutorial--love the matching fabric/cap/rubberband! hehe, i have a feathers mcgraw figure that looks just like your penguin.


awesome. i want one, but i don't want to make it. sell me one. i'll even drink a gatorade for you.


thank you for this! i love it.


Thanks so much for the tutorial!! It' s great. Thanks for the link , I'm happy you like the garland.


awesome idea!!! thanks so much for the tutorial!


what a great idea! thanks for the post :)


That is brilliant. I love coming here. :)


Hey! Thanks for the great tutorial. I love this idea. Now I have to go buy me a cold beverage to harvest the cap!


This is such a cool idea!!! love it :)

You could also morph this idea into little Christmas decorations :) - christmasy print for the fabric then glue some little figures on the lid and hang from the tree :)


This is so terrific!! Thanks for posting this :)

Mary-Frances Main

Love the penquin (kind of off topic, eh?), but is he the Wallace and Grommit penguin? Where did you get him? He's wonderful!


Totally cute and do-able stocking stuffer! Thanks for the easy instructions!


Oh wow!! What an adorable idea!!! It's just lovely!


The perfect idea I've been looking for! Can I drink enough Gatorade before Christmas is now the question! :) Thanks for the great tutorial!


Hi, I surfed onto your page and wanted to let you know that I love your page. Where did you get the penguin shown on here?

Amy Albarran

LOVE This tutorial!!!! I have some info for you that you may want to take advantage of. If I can find your email on this site I will send to you.



Thanks, this is great.


I made up some of these pincushions this weekend. I posted a picture on my blog. Thanks again!


omg,, this is very cute, I have to bookmark this for later

minus the birkin

I LOVE this. I'm going to make one for my sister in law who sews!


awesome tutorial and blog! I will put a link up to this if that's alright?

Thanks eve


great tutorial

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