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they are too sweet !
i'm gonna try to translate the recipe to make some ! :)


Haha, how will you be able to put those cuties in your mouth and eat them!?


Those have to be the cutest cookies I've ever seen! I'll definitely be using this recipe/pattern. Thanks for sharing, Myra!

jenny vorwaller

oh my gosh! these are SO GREAT! saw them over at flickr and had to come and see them here again...YUMMY.


Hmm, my cookie day is coming up on Wednesday. What a cute idea! I want to gobble them up right now.


Those are really super cute. Thank you for the recipe. :D


I think your version is better than the one in the book---My mouth is watering over here!
Super yum!


oooh, your cookies look so ono! and buddy's are really cute with the dear little short legs!


ooh these are totally gorgeous. I am definitely making these in our warm climate also!


They look so adorable and delicious!! The recipe sounds something like one of my faves- Sandies. I love Buddy's version with the little legs. ;-) Sounds like exactly something that Bossy would do, too!


Okay, I think THESE are the cookies I'm bringing to the cookie exchange! And I love the legs on the snowmen--Leo always draws those on, too!


adorable! i love the tiny legs on buddy's snowpeople. i think i'd need a whole village in my belly to be satisfied :)


best looking snowmen i have seen yet! sure beats the muddy ones with leaf bits that are half melting over here. thanks for the recipe!


these are sooooo cute! ♥


So damn cute! I am going to explode now! I am definitely going to try them too, thanks!


ohhh. awesome. you'd really impress me if they were wearing leis. hahahah


very cute! i might have to try them!


adorably tasty-looking!

La Fae

I dont usually comment in your journal, because I made a feed to read it here: In fact, I never miss an entry. Ijust love your blog! When I saw this on my 'friend's page', I loudly exclaimed, I WANT TO BITE THEIR HEADS OFF!! My neighbors asked me what excited me so!

ps...wheee! I just checked that linked page and 4 other people have joined since i first created the LJ syndication. Congrats.


so yummy and wonderful! i'm definitley going to try them. :)


I HAVE to make these!!! Tooo cute!!!


I love those and will try to make them, thanks for the recipe


Those cookies look so GOOD!


These are too cute! I thought they were mochi when I saw the first picture! Hey, that may be pretty cool for my daughter's japanese class next Christmas!

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