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Aw man, too bad you're not here, we TOTALLY have a train that goes round and round!


I love that holiday recipe, too! I always throw in a few forgotten rolls of wrapping paper and misplaced scotch tape for good measure, too. The recipe also turns out great if you simmer it in traffic from hell, as well. ;-) Buddy's so cute...I love his little snowman. Is that a mitten or a super-bionic wrist on his left arm? ;-) Happy "cooking" and know that you're not alone with your tried and true recipe. Take care! :-)


A kitten for Mochi! A kitten for Mochi!


THAT is an AWESOME collage/drawing! Another artist in the family?


Oh so funny! Favorite post of the day!


I love it! So close to the big day and you're still making us all laugh! Love the snowman!


Great card, suitable for framing :)


oh, hope Mochi gets a kitten!

Happy Xmas.


That recipe is too complicated... Lets have take-out!


That's one of our favourite recipes too. We use it at birthdays as well.
I think we might make a snowman at the beach today out of sand in the unbelievable heat!


that's such a sweet snowman! love his buttons, so glam :)

the kitten would be the cutest, for all of us who can't have pets get buddy the kitty!

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