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Wow, Myra, these are so cute! The pom pom's are perfect. Are they pre-made? I love the froggy pencil topper!


And I always thought is was "pom pom"

So cute. Love the googly eyes too. I don't know which is my favorite., Mommy wait, Babie Chickie...oh no, just saw the pencil toppers!


Those are cute, Myra! And re: Theresa's pieces, I was the lucky recipient of the frog pincushion and the *real thing* is even more incredible than it looks. A treasure!
Molly brought me my own set of ponpom makers on her recent trip home. Another thing to add to my long list of one-of-these-days projects.

Aimee Roo

i just love these! i remember making ponpom critters when i was younger. what a fun thing to do! thanks for reminding me of yet another fun craft!!! :)


Oh my, they are all adorable! I knew there was a good reason to hang onto my cardboard circles!


I thought it would be pompom......


Pom-pon, like tam-pon. Got it.


oh my god--such a cute idea!! buddy is lucky.


Tee-hee - they are so cute!

jenny vorwaller

aww the pencil toppers are just too sweet! stinkin cute! :)

Karen in Toronto

My favourite is Alex the little Sheep !!
Too bad my daughter is too young to to this with me...but do I need an excuse to be 10 years old again and do some pompoms ? ;o)

in French we spell poMpoms ;o)


everything that you do is so cute, but the fact that it is all tiny makes it even more cute! love the pompons! dont worry i grew up saying pompoms!


Cuuuuuuute! I love the lamb too. And I guess I've been speaking French all these years cuz I say pompom, but then I call tampons poontons (very old National Lampoon)


Hey, those are cute--and thanks for the plug! I was wondering where that traffic was coming from...

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