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Camilla Engman

It's very very cute!


Awwww, he's lovely.


You are incredibly talented!!! I love it.


wow, he is so so cute !! I love him !!

laura r.

that is so beautifully made


Oh my gosh that is hysterical! Thank you for the laugh - as soon as I saw the photo I thought the exact same thing that it was a little freaky with the head hanging off like that! It's still so cute nonetheless!


love him. Curious George is a lucky guy to get to hang out with cellphone cozy Monkey. Do they make ringtones that sound like monkeys? ;-)

I'm picturing a velcro bandanna that goes around c.c. Monkey's neck to hold the cellphone in place...? Or maybe a Big Yellow Hat like George's other friend? It wouldn't look weird to have a hat or bandanna hanging down the backside of Monkey, and that way his head could stay put and charm all the passers by, even when you're talking on the phone. He is sooo cute... maybe I do need to get a cell phone after all.

Aimee Roo

love it! that is so darn cute!


Holy heck! That cozy is crazy-adorable, as is the story of the awol head (in other contexts, that would sound creepy). Cute!


I am on a monkey kick due to the little one's first birthday monkey party theme. Any other time, I could find tons of monkey items. Now since I'm looking...not so much!

I love the monkey cell phone cozy. Totally hilarious that he wanted to read Curious George, too!


i love 'the motive'. classic!


good detective work! that little monkey is so cute, but the head hang is just a touch scary. maybe he can go back to reading curious george in the mean time?


Oh, how cute of Buddy to help monkey read the book! (At least I assume it was Buddy and not Mochi from whom you extracted the confession...)


Hmmmmm, detachable head... I can definitely see where that could come in handy now and then...


love the sweet little monkey--fun fabric you used for his innards too!

Madame M

How adorable! And I'm glad you solved the mystery, Perry Mason ;o) (very sweet!)


How cute! And so funny! Love the post and the monkey!


WOW he is soopa cute! What an expression, really lovely, looks like he's hiding something.... and he is!! horrah!!!


wow, great work! his literacy endeavors make such a cute story. :) beautiful...


Oh sooooo cute!


I love it . is very cute :D

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Aw... love it. And the lining! I feel like I've been looking for polka dots like that my whole life. :)


That is so adorable, even if his lil head is hanging askew :O) I can picture him dangling from my teen daughter's belt (she is crazy for monkeys!)

The AWOL story is fabulous; Only out of the mouths of babes! :O)

Any chance you'll be offering up a pattern soon?


That is the cutest cell phone cozy!! Kids' monkey MO's are always suspect. I'm glad Monkey and said head have been properly reunited. :)


That was a cute lil thing you have ..

sure you will like it a lot

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