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those are too cute! those would make fun little gifts for my cat pals--what store was that? hehe, there i go, being niele again :)


Wow! Those are so great! I love the view from the underside. And such a good deal! I'm jealous.


I have never seen rice bowls like that! so cute! I'm gonna have to keep my eyes open. great find!

Aimee Roo

those are the cutest things i have ever seen! i think that i would be eating rice everyday if i had such cute bowls to eat it from. :) lucky you, what a great find.


Ah!!! SOOO cute!!


That kitty bowl is the cutest!

Fern Lady

Oh... those are wonderful! I like to collect the blue Japanese rice bowls and sushi dishes...especially ones with fish designs.

I love your blog and wish I could visit more often, but it takes FOREVER to load on my slow-dial up computer. I don't know why for sure--except that sometimes typepad blogs are slow to load for my connection (but yours is hands down the slowest for some reason). Other non-typepad blogs I don't tend to have a problem with.

At any rate, enjoy your rice!


They are so beautiful! I hope the rice was good!


cute bowls! would the store be marukai? anyway, i love your sharing and i especially liked your snow white and 7 dwarfs!

Kathleen Marie

These are the cutest little bowls I've ever seen. How delightful. Enjoy!


those are amazing, myra! i love them. what a find!


Lovely... I love the cat.

joy madison

oh cute!!!!! my kids would love them!!!


Ohhh I want them!!!! A guess japanese supermarkets don't ship internationally? It's a pity!


Those are sooo adorable. I have a thing for bowls. Who would have thought eating rice could be so much fun? :)


That writing must be 秀峰(shuu-hou, excellent-peak), and it may mean the name of the maker/potter/brand, etc.


on the tummy it says: otomodachi

that means 'friend' in Japanese :)



What I wrote above was about the neko-chawan, not about the panda's ;)


Ohhhhh is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)


how could i get some of these? they are so adorable!

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