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eeek! its cute!


Lovely! Too cute.

Niina Aoki

That is adorable I bet your cell will be very toasty in there!




This is darling! Batting does sound like it will stay in place better than stuffing. Only one word of caution...cell phones tend to be hard to hear when they are ringing, especially when they are muffled (like mine gets deep down in my purse). If you are expecting a call, just make sure your ringer is on the loud setting.
I love him!


That is so cute! I'm with ya on the cell-phone-hate. I just broke down and signed a plan for the first time. :( You need to write up some tutorials cause your stuff is AWESOME!

Sorry about the field work....I feel your pain. Or, um, I did. :)


will be sending overcast sky vibes your way! love the cozy, if you have to carry the dang thing, at least it can look cute, right?? cant wait to see #2.


That cozy is adorable! You continue to amaze me!


That is so cute! You are incredibly talented. I like him chubby. It's perfect.


Great idea! And it doesn't necessarily look like it has a cell phone inside it, so that should help to protect your phone.


Too damn cute! Do you need someone to take him off your hands, if so, let me know!! Not too chubby for me! The cuteness factor from your work is off the scale!!


i had to come back and look at it again...

eeek! its still cute!


So cute! I'm with you - hate cell phones, and I still don't have one - I'll hold out as long as I possibly can!

I'm concentrating hard to send you some of this fog we've had for days...



Fern Lady

Yep! I hate 'em, too. Don't own one holding ..out... as can ... GASP!


it's adorable! love the nose/mouth. i may have to get one of those fancy cellphone things myself soon. i tried to hold out, but it's looking inevitable.


darn trips, that was the reason i had to get a cell phone too, i still kind of curse the thing even though i've had it for a few years now.

your little softie is so adorable, i especially like the almost googley eyes, makes me laff :)

hey, today seems a little overcast, woo hoo!


that cellphone cozy is sooo cute!! =)


I have to agree with everyone that he is adorable. I am not a huge fan of cell phones either. Mine is always dead anyway. I don't know why I bother...


too adorable!


Cool cell cosy! Have fun in Vegas!!!! It is beyond words!


I hated cell phones too until I got one. So very convenient! Love the cozy! Can't wait to see prototype #2!

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