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you are really tempting me! I love thrift shopping (well, in Italy I think we don't have much of what you mean for thrift shops, not sure - but we have loads of markets, where one can find vintage things and such). But I also have LOTS of yet unused buyed things already! Acc..too tempting :) ok, 20$ is approx 16€, I will try to go thrifting in the next days and see!

For the contest, I have no idea since I don't know you and why you didn't thrifted in the recent past...mmm, I'd say you could have 13 items for 20$?


Oooh, fun. Okay. I guess 7 items for 18.46!

Niina Aoki

Hmmmm I wonder....maybe 9 things for $20


Ha! I am totally up for this challenge...i love thrift shopping... lets see I think you can get 9 things for $20.50
and now you have given me a real excuse to go to all my favourites this week and see what I can get.....


I wanna play too! Now lemme see..... how about 8 things for $19.75?


woo hoo! I have a nearby thrift shop that I worked at pre-kids which has no set prices, but suggests a donation of $5 per paper grocery sack full. (We're fortunate to live in a touristy area, and all the rich summer folk just sort of dump their stuff off at the thrift shop when they leave, rather than packing it up to go to their year-round homes.)

So you're giving me permission to buy *four bags* of stuff? I can't wait to tell my husband! ;-)

I'm guessing 10 items for $22.50.


8 things for 19.95?
(if you lived in nyc like me i'd probably cut the number in half...even thrifting is pricey here!)


I accept your thrift store $20 challenge. I am going Saturday! My guess for you is 12 items and $18.63. I have a feeling you are going to catch a 50% off day!


hmmm...5 things for 18.67? (i never win anything! but this is worth a shot, thrifting is the best!) have fun finding!


I say 8 items for 19.95. that is a pure guess. it is neat to see in everyone's responses how different it is to thrift in different places. I live in southern new hampshire so I go places here and places in Mass to thrift and even in those two states there is a huge difference. I also got to thrift in CT. I plan to thrift in all 50 states. and hopefully overseas. my husband thinks that is crazy but I know people here will understand that wish!!


oooh fun! I say 13 items for 21.00!


Cool idea Myra! I'm guessing 12 things for $19.25.


im going big... those notions can add up, even if you count them in lots, so im saying 16 for $23.50


oooh, what a great idea! i'll guess 6 items for 18.75. :) you've inspired me to actually stop at the thrift stores instead of waving at them as i drive by. haha i know there are probably tons of goodies in those stores, so i'm taking you up on your challenge! :)


I am guessing 13 items for $19.77.

I actually just told my husband that Owen and I are going to hit the antique/flea market shops today when he gets up from his nap. Your post is very timely! I will see what I can pick up today for $20.


I'll try to join you in your quest too! My guess is 12 items for $18.75; I'm basing that on what I've been able to get on my last few outings. Good luck!


Ok....11 items for $19.75


oh, i wanna play. i'll guess 13 items for $19.88



I will guess...... 9 items for $19.76. And I predict felt will be among them ;o)


I'm bidding 13 items at 19.74


ooo! i want to play! 9 items for $20.32. happy thrifting! i haven't done it myself for quite sometime since the last few times i went, most everything was pretty junky. i could always find fun books though...


6 items for $19.57

natasha fialkov

i go to our locals looking for those sorts of things, and just tuesday, i got a ton of amazing stuff which i should be posting tonite if you want to check out my bloggy and link to flickr...which is natashafialkov...cheers!!


Any excuse to thrift is a good excuse for me...I will guess 11 items for 21.60.
I'm off to the flea market and thrift store!


I'd like to guess 10 items for 18.13. Yeah for thrifting!

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