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oh my, that's super cute! did you trace, free hand it? the embroidery is so neat, i especially like the net.


Hello! I just found you and your work is wonderful! I'm sorry I missed the postcard swap-hopefully, there will be another? I love Rosemary Wells too and your applique is amazing! What is the fabric you used for his little body? It looks like a knit?


that is beautiful! i have been thiking about applique, think you might have time to show us a little tutorial? i got four postcards today!!


Wow! You did an amazing job! I would love to do something similar with Elsa Beskow illustrations. Beautiful work!


Hey Myra, Nice work! Sometimes books are remaindered and on the bargain book table because the publishers have printed up a new edition. I think that was the case with these. I picked up the two volumes myself a while back! I think the new edition has both volumes in a slipcase.


Rosemary Wells! I'd like a quilt of appliques from Yoko's Paper Cranes! It would be perfect because of all the origami paper she uses in that book--use Japanese print fabrics.

That's the big idea of the day,
from someone who doesn't sew.



This is adorable Myra! You are so skilled, everything you do is so well thought out and beautifully done! Rosemary Wells is a big favourite of mine. I wish I could be as good as she is at creating books. She's fantastic! Lucky find!


That is wonderful! It looks so detailed and the different textures are great! Even though I live in Australia I also picked up a Rosemary Wells Mother Goose book on sale at Borders! Isn't that funny? It is not the same as yours though, it is called 'My first Mother Goose'. It is a great large size book with over 100 pages of great rhymes. The illustrations are great BUT I think your applique is even better!


nice, nice, nice !
I love the way you have alternated unshown handstictching and embroidery...
It's like in drawings when you chose to do a line around a form or not.
I'm not sure it's easy to understand.
Hope you did ! :)


Wow!! Great work!! I find embroidery so difficult!..


I can't believe how adorable that little guy is! your sewing skills are immpecable, he looks just like the illustration, you should definately do more!


that is amazing! I love the thought of using illustrations with fabric...


I have been meaning to sign up for the applique class from Bernina. Now, with this awesome post, you have encouraged me. You did a fabulous job, Myra!


Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I traced the little guy straight from the book and then cut the pieces out for patterns and then used all cotton fabrics for the applique. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but my hands really hurt after a while. And now I'm really encouraged to try and do more.


Ur applique is so much like the book. It is beautiful.


What can I say that hasn't already been said?!? Absolutely gorgeous!


That came out wonderfully, Myra! I really like the details that you've included, like the butterfly net. We love the Rosemary Wells books, the pictures are so cute.

K. Anne

Cute! It turned out really well. I think your idea for doing a block at a time is a good one.

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