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I loved the last edition of MS Kids with the monkey party info. Those cupcakes are darling. I am going to have to remember those. They look like they took a lot of work! But, well worth it for the end result. I bet Buddy's classmates loved them!


omg! these are awesome! :D


Those are the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen. Ever!

You totally win Best Mom award today!


fantastic cupcakes! yum!


Oh, I love those monkeys! How CUTE!


wow (not wow, i'm surprised, more like wow, i'm jealous!), those are look professional! hehe, sounds like me, misjudge the amount of time it'll take to make something and go to sleep when the birdies start tweeting. d'oh!

did you do make all the little decorations during baking/cooling of the cupcakes?

ps-that cupcake tray is nifty!


Yay! I'm so glad the monkey goodness is contagious! I love the nutter butters for ears - those look great! I'm sure that Buddy's classmates went home saying that you're the best mom ever! And, where did you get that cupcake tray? Is that only available on beautiful, lush, tropical islands, or...?


It's a Tupperware rectangular cake taker. The bottom tray can either hold a 9"x13" sheet cake or you can flip it over and hold 18 cupcakes. Thanks! :)


Myra! Those are so absolutely cute!!! Yum!


You stuck a chocolate sprinkle in each monkey nostril? No wonder you were up so late! I hope you got eat one: they look delicious as well as cute cute!


your cupcakes are so cute and ono-looking - you did a great job - down to the nostrils!


Ha! I am soooo glad I am not the only one who's husband thinks she's a nutter when it comes to a new crafting idea! The bad part is, when I am done (often at 2am) I wake him up like a little school girl and say "Look Look what I made!"


those are adorable! you've got a wonderful blog...


You're a great mom, the cookies tell!


I love the cupcakes - they look beautiful and cute and I'll bet they're yummy, too. I'm sure everyone in his class (and his teacher, too) thought they were a real treat.


Damn that's awesome.
I want a monkey birthday party, but for myself.


so so adorable! i must do the same for my son when he goes to school! lucky little boy. i howled when i read that you stuck a chocolate sprinkle up each nostril. how did you even think of that?


Those are the cutest damn thing!




Oh oh oh!!!! So CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! And yummy-looking!!!


myra those rock! why, oh why do we stay up till the wee hours of the morning? because its worth it!


those are the cutest cupcakes ever!!!

Camilla Engman

oh yes!


Awww... how sweet and oh so yummy looking are those? Adorable!


Oh my. They are adorable. And they look so yummmmmy!

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