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Camilla Engman

Someone's been busy! Lovely things.
Have a nice trip. (Do you live on Hawaii?)


oh its so good to catch up! these thngs are the cutest!!


They're ALL so wonderful. Those glass magnets are just too much fun to make, aren't they? But the wooden ones are just the cutest!

I hope everyone in your house is feeling better in time for the plane ride!


too cute. I love the cats. I have never seen paperclay before...


They are fabulous! Can I ask how you make them (the marbles in particular)? Is there a step for step tutorial somewhere online?
Absolutely adorable...


wow they are AWESOME! Good crafting girl ;)
those cats are too cute :D and I love the last row of marble magnets, just adorable.


You can find a great tutorial for the marble magnets at Not Martha:

Thanks! :)


Oh, I hope Mr. T and Buddy get better before your trip! 12 hours on a plane is bad enough without being sick too. Have a great time in mouse-ville! (Very cute inu/neko/etc magnets!)

laurie b.

Those kitties are just too darn cute!!! And so tiny, you did a great job. :)


OMG So cute it burns my eyes!!!! I want them XD


sweet job on the magnets! crafting with gal pals is fun, funny, i wanted to do the magnet thing with my friends too :)

hope the family makes a speedy recovery and don't forget the anti-sick thingies on the plane! my mum makes sure i have tons of airborne and other potions when i fly (makes me feel like a little kid again!).


wow, they are all beautiful, but the wooden ones are my favourites.

how can you make such cute things? ;)


You just can't get any cuter than that! I have never heard of paperclay? is it like a pulp that you add water looks so smooth. And the wooden magnets are sooo perfect for how small they are ( you must have used a brush with 2 hairs on it) I hope the boys feel better in time!


so cute :-) esp. the dog


The paperclay kitties are SO CUTE! I wonder if they sell that stuff in Sweden? And I see Nemo in one of the marbles! *wink wink*


Gawd. Adorable!

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