Self Portrait Tuesday - the Cupcake Chronicles

October's SPT challenge is self documentary. Here's my documentary of last night:

Buddy's school is having a bake sale today to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and asked families to donate baked goods.  I decided to keep it simple and bake box mix cupcakes. I start baking at 8:00 pm last night, and by 9:00 all the cupcakes are done and cooling.


10:30 pm - I've finished frosting all the cupcakes and I'm congratulating myself for choosing something quick and easy, since I'm exhausted and ready for bed. I'm about to pack them up in my cupcake taker when I re-read note from school. "The baked goods need to be individually packaged as the children will take their purchases home to eat." Groan. How exactly does one individually wrap frosted cupcakes? Start wishing I had some of these.

Think, think, think. Finally decide to just drop them into paper cups and wrap the cup with a plastic bag. Luckily, I still have some Halloween party cups from last year. Start to wonder how the kids will get the cupcakes out. Consider tieing a fork to the cup. Decide that kids + cupcakes = mess regardless, go forkless.

11:30 - Mr. T "volunteers" to help.

We finally finish at 12:30 am, and now it's clean up time. Crawl into bed at 1:15 am.


Self Portrait Tuesday - uncomfortably numb

Here's my contribution to this month's Self Portrait Tuesday body parts challenge theme - my numb thumb. And here's a poem to go with it:

See there - that's my thumb,
can you tell from the picture, she's very numb?
It's because I once crocheted all night
trying to get my !*$%^#?@ tension right.
She's been like that for about a week,
and now my thumb and I don't speak.

Actually, maybe my tension is right but the way I'm holding my hook is wrong. I'm not sure which it is, but here are two amigurumi heads that I crocheted from the same pattern. Can you guess which one was crocheted with LOTS OF TENSION and which was crocheted loosey goosey fluffy and flowery?


Unfortunately, I'm far happier with the results of the tense one as it's a lot less wonky, but my thumb keeps giving me grief about it (there she goes making a dash for the door). Sorry thumb, maybe I can find you a hook with a nice comfort grip.

Self Portrait Tuesday

Here's my contribution to Self Portrait Tuesday - a picture of my geta clogs. I was going to post a picture of my feet in them, but I have the world's ugliest feet so I'll spare you the horror. The geta were a gift from my cousin Amy (thanks Amy!) from a Japan trip a few years ago.

I love them because they remind me of a pair I owned as a child, and this story which still remains one of my favorites.


It's about a girl named Mako who receives a pair of new red lacquer geta from her Mother. But she cracks them playing a weather-telling game and then almost does a dishonest thing to get a new pair.

There's a line in the book that goes, ...When she walked, they talked:  "KARA KORO, KARA KORO." And when she ran, they sang: "KORO KORO, KARA KARA,"...

I remember stomping around in my pair, trying to get them to make that same sound. I wear this pair now sometimes when I do the laundry because I still love the sound they make, and it gives me an extra couple of (badly needed) inches to reach the line. 




Self Portrait Tuesday

Here's my first crack at self portrait Tuesday. It's a picture of my first official "Mommy Bag". I remember when we were young my Mom always had a Mommy Bag that seemed to be able to hold just about everything my brothers and I needed when we were out and about.

This was the Mommy Bag that I took with us to Disneyworld. It lived up to its name as we were able to cram our digital camera, cam corder, rain ponchos, softies, coloring books, crayons, bottles of water, sunscreen, and snacks into it and there was still room for more! The bag is from Old Navy, is super functional, has side snaps for expansion, and is lined with a nice bright fushia fabric. To make it mine I added four pieces of flare: my Yoshimoto Nara "no fun" button and my three precious Maminka buttons.

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments about my Home on the Range apron! I'm starting to find myself more and more drawn to applique. I just wish I was a bit quicker at it. I've been wondering if using an embroidery hoop to do it would make it easier. Usually, I just stretch the cloth across a book in my lap and try my best to tack it down flat.

Now that I'm done with my apron, I've been trying to complete a couple of other projects that have been WIP for too long. I also have a bunch of things I need to mail out, so I really need to get my act together before I leave for Vegas next week. I wish I was going on a "Viva Las Vegas" kind of a trip but it's more like "Viva Blah Vegas" as I will be in training classes all day the entire time I'm there. But I will be free at night, so does anyone know of any good fabric or craft stores in the area that are worth checking out?