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If there is one thing better than cute stuff... its TINY cute stuff! Well done! It looks amazing. It flooded my mind with images of a dolls house FULL of tiny things just like this. My imagination is running wild now.


Amazing! Everything is sooooo well that size!I think that this could be the perfect pet for the dolls I make. I can imagine that grat carrier in one of their shoulders...
What a beautiful work!


Wow! Those are too too cute!! You have a lot of talent! Keep up the great work!


Ahhhhhh...I must have two of these! :-) Can you let us know when they'll be in your shop? Better yet, just send me a note and I'll order two on the spot, you can send them whenever you get them finished! :-)


So adorable!!!
Your work is very sweet.


I love this. Is it going to be available in your shop?


How perfect! I would have loved one of these when I was younger - and now actually. And I'm not even a dog-lover. Though I think I'm converted.


Wow... so adorable.
how do u manage doing these tiny little ones? Amazing job!


Gosh, I have been on blog reading break and am just a little late... to squeak. Oh my, what have you done?! I was so surprised when I saw that shot with your hand in it... you are amazing!!!
So small. I can't believe. It's all so detailed and neatly crafted.
Fantastic work, Myra.

jocelan thiessen

i love this set!


That little dog is so dang cute I feel like I might cry. I'm a little PMS.


:: hi,

i loved your softie in the first book. time to order the 2nd one ;o)
your doggy is gorgous! and all the additional stuff... great work!
i'll put you at my linklist, if okay? so i don't miss a single post from you ;o)

:: greetings from bavaria from maki


Gorgeous, absolutely adorable...


Oh.My.God! It's gorgeous!

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