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happy girl's day to you too!


I especially like the little whiskers! Happy Girls Day!


that's ace! have you ever made a dachshund or a guinea-pig? 2 of my all-time-favourite animals, i'd love to see a tiny one! xx

the Littlest Craft Shop

how cute.


I'm a little late on this, but happy belated Girl's Day to you! Cutie purple kitty to herald the day!


Love what you do!! Kisses from Vigo


oh it was Hina Matsuri ! I forgot it !
I hope you had a great day !

amy purple

If she just had some orange on her, she could be our mascot! haha! Too cute!


Awwwww so cute!
I want one!!!
My sister-in-law is japanese too and I forgot the Hinamatsuri, silly me!


She is sooooo cute! I LOVE her!


Never heared of girls day, but I do celebrate a bit 8 march on intenrational womens day! :-)

what a nice kitty, her ballerina skirt is über cute! :-)

Veronica Darling

Hi there, love all your animals and your pictures are just darling!

From your toy tutorial in 2006 I tried my hand at making a toy for some new babies in my life (all friends' babies, not mine!) and I've posted the funny little pics here

Thank you so much, I learnt heaps from your tutoria! Hope you have a great weekend!


what a cutie!!
Happy Belated Girls Day to you!!
We got to go to Zippy's for Girls day... just living it up I tell ya!


Hello happy kitty! You're lovely!


Whats´s this, so cute!


Oh, she's purty. I love the colors. Pink and purple...can't go wrong there! :)

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