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You did that with a MOUSE?? Wow, you are so talented!!!!!!


Oh, this is so good. I'm looking forward to your "Friday Doodles"!


Buy a tablet! If you are this talented with a mouse, I can't imagine you with a tablet... it is just like a paper and pencil! You will be a drawing/sketching fool.


What they said! Seriously, the tablet is just like a pen, or depending on your software, any kind of pencil, charcoal, marker, etc. that you want.


I think you should buy the tablet too! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your doodles!


Lovely doodle ^_^ thanks for sharing, I've been wanting to buy me one of those tablets for years, they're really cool , I just hate drawing with the mouse :(


Drawing tablets are great -- get one! It's save you from getting carpel tunnel syndrome. I love your doodle.


What a great drawing - I love that Red has outwitted that big old wolf!

t. miyashiro

This doodle is awesome - especially with a mouse! I can barely right-click!

Long Story Longer

Your illustrations are so much fun! What talent :)


I have a tablet. I go back and forth. I still love my mouse.

esther coar

i am not sure what you do to make a living - but you should really consider marketing yourself and your many talents. i can see you going on a talk circuit and displaying your wealth of talent. You constantly and consistently blow me away with your work. as always - tahnks for ahring your gifts wth us. whatis your snail mail. i'll send you a drawing pad. have a great stressfree work.

~ bridgette ~

I can't believe you did that with a mouse!?!? Crazy cute!


That is amazing, you must have a really steady hand with the mouse! I just wanted to add that I really love your blog, it brightens up my day to see what you have been making, and inspires me to do more crafty stuff too.


Funny you mention that. My husband came to me the other day out of the blue and said, "You know what you really need is a drawing tablet". I was so surprised because that was exactly what I have been thinking for a while now. He is the best for noticing! The cost tends to hold us back though. Love your drawing! I am excited you are participating in illustration Friday.


so cuuuuute ! I love everything you make
I had a tablet for christmas !! and love it (but needed it, because can't do anything with my mouse !) I choosed the first price (I mean the cheapest) and it seems it's enough to have fun. Looking forward to see more doodles soon (even if I don't know what "doodles" are exactly, not so good in english...)


Wacom do a more affordable tablet called the Bamboo which I have found very useful. I don't just use it for drawing but also for just as a mouse as I find it better on my wrist.


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