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ooh so cute :D love the rhyme that went with the pictures too


cute poem and photos :)


Ah so you're a talented poet and crochter! What a cute little post, and I love your photos!


I am glad they finally find their home. :)


I think I say this every time, but those mice are the cutest things. I love Mrs. Mouse's red dress with pink trim and matching purse! And there's something about the idea of a mouse house (hale mouse!) that really captures the imagination. Now me, I would have moved into the Coke can.

mimi k

ack- Your mice have so much personality!!


oh my goodness. so adorable!!! it's so nice to wake up in the morning & find such a cute post! they remind me of my husband & i...i feel like we move every year. it is because we do not like the cities we have lived in yet, though. very cute story & very cute mice!


You should do children's books:)


Happy housewarming to Mr. & Mrs. Mouse!


I love this, especially because it reminds me of a beloved book from childhood called The Mouse Book, by Helen Piers. My grandma gave it to me on my 2nd birthday, and wrote a little poem in the front for me (as she did with many birthday books). I am so glad I still have it to share with my kids- although for some reason they never have seemed as captivated by the story and adorable photographs as I was and still am! lol.


I'm totally going to show this and read it to my three year old who will just go nuts for it. So adorable! You're the master.

Passions & Distractions

So cute! And I love the poem you wrote to go with it!

jenni s-g

What a great little story! And love the mice, too. (Truly, the photos are awesome!)


You are just too clever! I think you could publish these as children's books; your creations and the photography are fabulous!


Very very cute. I'm a fan of children's book with rhyming in them! Go Myra!


So sweet and funny, you are super talented!


So cute - I love the little poem


Love love love it!


The poem is so clever and the mice are so sweet! And I agree with everyone else, I see children's books in your future! =)


You are killing me.


Your talent PAINS me! In a good way, of course. :-) I especially loved the poem.


thanks for sharing the cute story and a look at the equally cute little mousies!


Hilarious. I hope this was taken in a public place, cause if I was there I'd call for a straightjacket for the crazy woman and her mice, asap.


So cute Myra!...and very tiny!


you are quite the master of rhyme! i love that milk carton house -- the color of the carton is great, too.

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