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That looks delicious. Hope you're feeling better soon.

mimi k

Wow, that looks sooo good!


gah sorry about the eyes! but man does this look good!


Hope your eyes are feeling better. I had a viral eye infection a few years ago and found it soothing to bathe my eyes with baby shampoo. It's so mild it doesn't sting at all.

Both my daughters love the korean style nori. My elder daughter has to begged to touch vegetables, but will eat an entire packet of that seaweed.


Yum, I love saimin! Yours looks so inviting and comforting, and well balanced:) Hope you feel better soon. It's no fun being sick.

Evelyn Lum

Saimin? Is that noodle soup, like udon noodle soup? Looks yummy to me and I love all the ingredients you have included. What do you use as soup base? Now you got me craving for saimin! I would really love to make some saimin myself. Thanks for sharing. Love to you and yours.


Hope you feel better soon. And you are making me hungry. I love saimin that is one of the thing s I love about Hawaii. And the fact that you can get rice at McDonald's. I love my rice.


Saimin is definitely on my list of comfort foods. We went to visit family a couple years ago in Honolulu and then took a side trip to Kauai. We had to go to Hamura's. I have a photo of my son (then 2 1/2) shoveling saimin like it was going out of style. All the locals stared a little at the (mostly) haole kid who begged for more saimin. :)
Glad to hear your are feeling better!


That looks like the best kind of meal! Lots of veggies. So well balanced. Hope samin helped you get rid of the virus!


Mmm. Sounds good.


i love saimin! i didn't know about it until my first trip to oahu and i was disappointed that i hadn't discovered it earlier. how could i call myself a noodle-lover and not know saimin?!

it's great that you can put whatever the heck you want in it and make it an entire one-bowl meal. i think the korean nori idea is fab -- i'm going to try that next time. do you buy a certain brand of saimin? or do you make your own soup?

hope your hip & eyes are feeling better. don't rub your infected eye!


Talk about comfort food!! Your saimin is gorgeous. I'm so glad I can get kamaboko and bok choy over here on the mainland. When I'm sick, all I want is miso soup and/or saimin just like yours!

Fabulous photos. Only one problem: my keyboard is wet from all my drooling! Heh heh.

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