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lol.......cute Buddy


Here in New Zealand kids say something that is very hard to type - basically just "UM UM UM UM um um um um" but with a very specific descending sequence of pitch and volume. I think it's a childhood skill, as I just tried quietly to myself and I can't do it quite right anymore :)


Buddy is gorgeous!

In Australia (when I was growing up) the schoolyard equivalent of humbalala was:


A shortened version of:


Followed by a sing-songy:

You're in trou-ble!!!!

Same structure as 'humbalala' it seems. Again, no idea where it came from, other than it was the thing you sang whenever someone was naughty!!!


:-D You just about brought tears of laughter to my eyes because I haven't said Halaaa in what...ages? Every now and then some form of pidgin slips my mouth and my husband catches it...only to repeat it out of the blue when I'm least expecting it. For instance, when I'm swearing at some rude italian driver. "No make l'dat," he says. LOL

Passions & Distractions

Ha! I love this!


that is so funny! is it sad that i still say words like that to shock people? :D


We love adding to our Hawaiian vocabulary, so hana okolele will now be worked into casual conversation!

Love your painting! BUTT! Cracks me up! (Get it? Since we're talking juvenile humor here...)


That is too funny, my kids enjoy those words and use them in the most inappropriate times.
My son says,
"humbalala - cheekie baba!"
I have no idea where he got it from (must be all that great preschool classmate banter) but its now a staple phrase in our household. Of course, I use it whenever I can.

Adwina - Mom of 1

Happy Monday to you, too!



Yeah, it's a certain kind of mother that let's their kid wear a shirt with the word BUTT on it. A bad mother.


Isn't it funny how we somehow find a way to stick foreign words in with our english?! My family is mexican so we have lots of spanish words mixed in with our english. The picture is great, and it is so typical of little kids. Did you ever see Kindergarten Cop, where the kids are calling the other kid a poopoo head and a cacapoopoo head? KIDS! :) They make me laugh.


ha! i love that shirt- my hubby would love one of those-hehe!

we used to say "Ummm-ah!" too, sometimes with a follow up of "I'm telling!"! too funny!

Evelyn Lum

Your watercolor drawing is splendid! Your little Buddy has that perfect joyful look on his face. What a treasure!


So, so, so adorable!!!!

(and thanks for the introduction to some hip new words! (and pronunciations!))


Hana okolele, peanut butter jell-eh...

Oh the memories. I have taught all my co-workers "hana okolele" now they can't get enough!


Oh my gosh! I haven't heard "halaaa" since my parents moved back from Hong Kong! You knew someone was goin' get it in the restaurant when some old lady started to say that to the grandkids.
You're right about "hana okolele", it is pidgin. It made it into the original Pidgin To Da Max.
Funny how you always got stink eye when those words came out of someone's mouth... but I nevah! (Hah! Not)
I love your blog, it makes me less homesick! :-D


Small kid time we used to say,

Broke yoa `ukulele!


The way I pronounce it, it sounds more like hana ukulele but maybe that's a Big Island thing like saying ice shave instead of shave ice? Or maybe not... Definitely means "you're in big trouble" and there's also a fair amount of "you totally got caught" as well.


I love that you've reminded me of some of my schoolyard days.

We too used to say: hana okalele broke your ukelele.

And now I'm curious about momo and the hawaiian italian connection!

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