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Your cupcakes are still adorable, mini crackers or not. :-)

I was hoping I would be the lucky winner of the fab lei, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Contrats to Sarah!

ann c

yea for Sarah!
And those cups were sure to make a splash heh.

stephanie s

love the one with the swimsuit top! so clever. have a great trip.


I love the bikini too!

Yea for me, indeed. I can't wait to see your goodies! Thanks again...


Wow. Those are too cute. And I thought I was a perfectionist! I never would have even thought I needed to draw on the faces. The whole teddy in a tube thing wouldn't have occured to me either, but I am just not creative that way. The kids and teachers must have loved those cupcakes, they look yummy!


I know I'm a bit late to share my worst crafting adventure, but I thought I'd share anyway. When I was living in Mississippi I checked out a 1970's crochet book from the public library and followed a pattern to make a mouse toy for my cat. I never was good at crochet, though, and my toy ended up being football-sized. It was even larger than my cat, who was so scared of it! Now you know why I don't engage in the yarn arts.


that is creative and cute! Too cute to eat!


hey, it still works! The bikini topped one is great! You make the best looking cupcakes! But what we want to know is are they as good as they look???


oh,and btw you made me not comment straight away so I could take some time to think about the question you asked on the last post, and then I missed the giveaway! Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today sorta lesson.
Happy Blogiversary! I think I've known you all that time.


oh, I missed the blogiversary lei party! Well, better that it not be given to a fellow O'ahu-er anyway... Love those teddy cakes- you are such a good crafty mommy!


ditto on the bikini comments! I totally saw the innertube right off and do so love the little fishies. Buddy's Mom Rocks!


did you put a bikini top on that center bear?!

have a great trip!


You always make me smile, Myra!


Cute bear cupcakes! I missed your previous post, but just wanted to say thanks for showing us all what you create and sharing it with the world. One of the worst crafty things I made was a card I made for my soon-to-be sister-in-law when I was about 10. I didn't check my spelling and wrote "Congratulations on your enGAGment". She still likes to tease me about that one 20 years later!


I love these guys! too cute =)


very ingenious cupcakes for the swimmers! i love the fishy sprinkles too!


oh my!! i'll say it again and again: your posts and creations (cupcakes or softies...anything) make me so happy! :)

mm, now i'm hungry...


Gosh, they are so super cute.
You canĀ“t imagine how I loved out loud this morning when I switched on my computer, all tired and then this inspiring idea.
You really made my day!

Best regards from Germany,


Aww these are cute anyways even if they are the small teddy grahams. Your so creative with your ideas. I'll have to remember this one. :o)


They are fantastic! Love the detailing, especially the bikini top on the girl teddy. It must have taken sooooooooooo much time.


Bikini fan here, too. Those turned out really great. Happy packing!! :) I wish I could be in your luggage and go to Japan with you....I'm so excited to hear all about your trip! :)


these are so very cute cupcakes!! ^_^


Yes I see that cute bear but what I truly love are those little fish sprinkles. How clever!


easy? those cupcakes look amazing! and the bear with the bikini...tee hee hee!


really cute! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and wish you a happy anniversary!
and I agree wih carol, love the one with the bikini!

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