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I really hear you with the rushing thing! I would love to go part-time - maybe next term?? I feel like everyone gets short-changed when I am busy at work - including me! I love Beaker!


I think i would want to stop time. I know how you fel about the whole homework thing. My oldest is in pre-K and has homework every night.I like your frustration pencil for Bud. :o)


I love that pencil! I remember those from grade school--twisting the hair into a point, and then rubbing the pencil between my palms to it spun out all crazy-like. Must figure out how to make one (or several) for...Leo.

Flight. And stopping time. Not that I would get anymore done, but at least the kids would stop growing so fast.

Good luck with your big work project; I hope there's lots of fun in store for you soon!


I would do like you, stop time. It would be so nice if the nice moments were longer and the hard times were shorter, don't you think?


I LOVE that episode of TAL. One of my faves. I love that he stands in the hot shower thinking that he has a power to withstand heat, but it's really just the hot water running out!! It's good to know there are others who think it's special, too~Anna


Oh, yeah. And I would stop time. Anna


I would prefer fast processing right now since I am preparing for final exams. After February, I will prefer stopping time again so that I can do as many crafts as I wish. :-P


when i was a kid, there was this show i loved. the girl was half human, half alien. she had the ability to pause time by pressing her two index fingers together. if she wanted to "unfreeze" someone else, all she had to do was touch them. so she can pause time and spend it with people. like, between classes. and then she could put time back together by clapping her hands together.

i've always wanted that super power. sigh.


Hi from Japan again!
I posted how to make coasters on my blog, it's a bit unique shape coasters!
And I just thought that you may like to make them, so came here to notice you!
If you like and when you have time, please visit my blog, although it's in really poor English and explanation, there are many photos, you can imagine how to make them!


I love to do dishes, clean, craft, whatever listening to "This American Life" too! My absolute favorite is the "Fiasco!" show with the Peter Pan story. It's SO hilarious!


I would vote for superfast skillz. I get antsy when I work on a project for too long.


oh, I love Beaker! what a cute pencil. I vote for stopping time too (and the only decent character on Heroes...) - super speed will just not let you enjoy the process. got to love the process.


Definitely "Stop the Time Power"!!! No doubt!!!

By the way, thank you for this amazing blog!!!


Oh, we use "hayaku" a LOT around here. And now I have a new term I can use, hele. As for a crafty superpower, I would definitely pick stopping time. Because I don't just want to finish things, I want to enjoy the long, drawn-out process without interruptions.

Fun pencil topper!


i know what you mean, I feel so bad when I rush them around like that, which is much of the time! and the Kindergarten homework was the worst! life got much better in first grade when my daughters' reading improved and she could do a lot on her own.




I'm all for stopping time, for so many reasons. I would love to see Beaker holding this guy!


Stopping time, definitely. I don't want to rush through things, or have stuff finished in the blink of an eye. I want to be able to take my time and do it just the way I'd like. And getting as much sleep as I want? Ha! Sleep? What's sleep? I've forgotten...


I had totally forgot those frustration pencil head guys. I haven't seen one of those in 20 years! My kids would love them.

Passions & Distractions

I love the pencil! I would also prefer to stop time. I'm one of those people who doesn't get the joy of Addi Turbos. I love knitting. Why would I want to speed up the process?


i'm looking at pre-k schools for jason and one so far has told me that kindergarten standards have changed since we went to kindergarten -- i know the feeling on working on weekends =(


I think I would stop time as well. Then creating doesn't take away time from anything else but you still get the joy of it.


beaker brings back memories! :)


Wow those pencils bring back memories! I recall twisting the pencil between the plams of my hands to get the "hair" all wild and crazy.


Work super fast of course. I watch Smallville and wonder why Clark doesn't do everything faster. Can you imagine if made crafts, ha ha.
Love the frustration pencil, bet it looks really good when you write with it!

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