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miss fae

I don't know what else could make me laugh so hard at 6.50 in the morning. Oh my goodness. The cupcakes!


oh, that's fun!


OK - food was certainly much happier and cuter back in the 50's! Everyone's so smiley!
(well, almost everyone - poor Fish, riddled with guilt; poor MammaCake with all those wilding cupcake offspring!)


Oh my goodness, I love all of the dancing foods! Maybe I have a major potty brain...but the yeast breads are looking a little, *cough* manly?!


Oh, the illustrations are too funny!


geek+nerd, you are so not alone!


That cookbook is fabulous! I like collecting them too.


Caramello Koalas are pretty yum - and very Australian (a bit like a freddo frog)


I have this booklet too! Isn't it a goodie?! I've been keeping a little collection of my own whenever I go thrifting.


Caramello Koalas are definitely good. There are also some biscuits called Iced Vovos and Honey Jumbles that are really good, and I think they're only available in Australia (hard to tell these days - you can get TimTams in Tokyo now!) Hope they have a great trip.


Oh my freakin' lord. I want this book. Cause meat+eyes=good eats.


i have this book! and they are great things to collect because they are usually like 50 cents. easy money!


I have a copy of this one also. It is great fun to see the illustrations in the cooking pamphlets they used to put out. I have a small collection of my own, as well as some of a friend's collection that I scanned in for the incredible illustrations.
It's good to see that others enjoy them too!

Scribbles & Bits

I love those illustrations!


those illustrations are fantastic!! I can't stop smiling :-) I love to cook and I promised my sister I'd make her a handmade cook-notebook with my favorite recipes and I just got some inspiration looking at these fabulous drawings. thanks for posting them!


I have this book in a different version! Mine is a teal color but has amazing illustrations as well


I have the same book! I loved that Chinese cookbook you posted. I have a vintage cookbook obsession myself. They're so fun to collect!


I just found one of those cookbooks 2 days ago! I found it while shopping with a friend. I saw it from afar, and said " Hey look! that's totally for you!", but then I opened it up first and saw the awesome illustrations!!! I'm such a mean friend, I couldn't bare to turn it over to her before I could have a chance to scan some of those great illustrations!


Confession: I look at the pictures before I read the words in blog posts. And I thought, "oh this reminds me of my "Art of Chinese Cooking " book!" duh!

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