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Those are incredibly cute!


Dear Mom,
Now that the adoption has gone through I feel so much better. Hi Buddy, my new little brother!

About my lunches, I would like to have a different bento box lunch everyday. My favorites are the meatball bears, the hello kitty rice, and oh, please throw in one of the pig cupcakes. I would also like it if you made those monkey ones again.

I hope you will have me a dinosaur shirt when I arrive. I don't want to be too picky so you and Buddy can decide which one. Oh, and a hedgehog. A girl needs a friend when she's new somewhere.

Ok, thanks. Gotta go.


Adorable pigglies! Do they oink when you squeeze them? :)


How precious! I love the expressions...the winking one has me particularly smitten.


Those cupcakes are adorable!! Buddy and his classmates are quite lucky!

Be Still

Those are awesome cupcakes! Adding your idea to my bookmarks for sure!


I think that one is winking at me...


Awesome cupcakes.


Fab fab fab!


Those are wonderful! So adorable.


MMMM...and they totally taste like pork, right?


Oh, these are so delicious looking and cute at the same time!


These are fantastic. Almost too good to eat ... I said almost!


You always make the best cupcakes!


I love all the little faces - such a cute idea


Arrrhhhhh. That's me running around with my hands in the air. So cute...& thanks for the b'day wishes!


Adorable! I'm so jealous :) I have got to make me some cupcakes.


the expressions on the piggies is just too much! too much, i tell you! they must taste awesome -- what flavor, by the way?

the crackers used for the snouts: are they made from some kind of starch? like potato? and do they kind of melt in your mouth? if so, then they are "boro" (stretch out the "o" sounds).

buddy's class is super lucky to have a room mom like you!


Okay those are SO cute! Please do not let anyone eat them!!!


my son would love these little piggy cupcakes! i like how they have their own expressions.


They are absolutely gorgeous! :D


Oh so cute! Lucky Buddy. I would eat the grumpy one first (wink)



Such a lovely job - I can't decide if winky pig is my favorite , or the surprised looking guy in the top row....

I made piggie cupcakes myself several years back for Schecky's birthday, and now I'm retroactively cringeing, as my pigs were nowhere near as precious as these....

Don't you just love the Tupperware cupcake tote? I never dreamed I'd feel passionate about a Tupperware product, but I just love this thing!


Mmmmmmm, piggy likes to eat.


so so cute! those cupcakes look great. i love those japanese goodies. even after i found out they were made from potatoes! and they are called japan, we called them boro boro.

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