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love the 'carrot bread!' very artsy grilled cheese sandwiches! you have a nice weekend too - try to sleep in late if you can....


I love you sandwiches! What a mom:) I'll have try Panya again, that soup looks tasty.


Very cute!


Don't let my little bunnies see this - I won't be able to serve them regular grilled cheese again! Very cute. What's the color on top?


best mom ever??? sheesh myra...


Those sandwiches are too cute to eat!!!


you are such a cool mom!!!


Those are very cute carrot shaped sandwiches!


Best. Sandwiches. Ever.


Those are the cutest grilled cheese sandwhiches in the history of grilled cheese sandwhiches. Oh it is a long, and battle filled history to be sure.. Anyway, seriously cute.


Those are the coolest sandwiches ever - what a mom!


What a great idea! The only cookie cutter I have is of a pair of lips. It seems a bit strange to do lip shaped grilled cheese sandwiches but maybe for Valentine's day?!


Enough with the food. I am so hungry right now. I can not let my kids see those carrots, they will want me to make some for lunch. I am just not that talented.


That carrot bread is great! So cute, I want some of those food colouring markers!


Very cute idea--at first I thought they were cookies. Buddy's bunny drawing/collage is very nice too!


I had 'Bunny Rabbitis.'
Antibiotics cleared it right up.


How adorable. I love them!!

karen in Toronto

thanks for all the recipes of the week !!!


I love your cheese sandwiches!!! :P


those are the cutest sandwiches I've ever seen! hooray for bunny rabbit day


ooh nothing wrong at all with food posts :D except that it reminds me how much I should bake more, maybe some cupcakes ... mmm cupcakes ... and how cute is the bunny pic??! adorable. I will have to remember Bunny Rabbits day for next year ;)!


Your son's drawings are so beautiful, they always twist my heart a bit.


Those carrot sandwiches are the greatest! I thought they were cookies they are so cute! You are such a great mom. I don't have that kind of energy.

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