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oh, how cuuuute! i must have them. did mr. t find them on oahu?


They are so cute!!!
I watched the video of them singing... I want them so badly, but I just bought Tamagotchi! LOL
I guess I'll have to wait to a bit. :P


HOW CUTE can you get?


Soo cute! Where can you see the video? Did I miss it? Enjoy them!


your cubees are such a cute surpise - and 3 - not just one! you lucky!


You had me on a search all morning to find them...and I did! I ordered the whole set of 6, can't wait for them to arrive. I'm claiming they're for the kids. ;)


i bought my niece the flower cube for her birthday - and i got one for myself too! they are solar powered and dance when it is sunny. i'm sure her's dances much more in colorado than mine does in cloudy cleveland!


i saw these at the disney store -- disney characters and they were on sale. i bought my son 3 of them: nemo, crush & mickey -- there's a collection of 10 which i should have bought since they were only $1.99 - but you just don't know how many toys my son has.


must. get. cubees. too. cute. to. resist.


Oh my goodness, those cubees are so cute!! I just clicked on the pics of the babies- oh my goodness! Even more adorable, if that's possible! You're so funny- I'm sure Mr. T understands. ;-) (If he saw the babies, he'd definitely understand.) I may have to make a stop at Toys n Joys soon, hee... take care and have a wonderful Easter, Myra! :-)


They are so cute! And I understand the babies are inside? And they are solar powered?? That's even cooler!


OMG! I just saw these too! I went to visit a friend on Thursday afternoon and she showed me hers! She had six of them but her donald duck one didn't work. They are the cutest! She said she got hers at Disney store. She said she bought them for her daughter (not!)


Bah, I got mine from Urban Outfitters, and they are missing the babies too. I've emailed them, but no response yet. Maybe they don't send the babies to the US?

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