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Can you please add my postcards to the gallery? They're located at: - THANKS!


I love all the cards. So many creative people out there. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are feeling better.


you did a great job organizing this! all the cards are very creative!


Thanks again, Myra, for organizing this swap! It was great fun to make the cards, and I love being introduced to new blogs! I hope you're feeling better, colds are no fun.


I loved looking at all the postcards- it's amazing how many different ways there are to interpret one general theme. So many creative and crafty blogs to visit, too! ;-) Sure hope you're feeling better and on the mend soon. Stay warm (and I know the rest of the world is laughing at us Hawaii wimps, but I think it's cold, too, so there!) and take care, Myra! :-)


beautiful and thanks for your work. If you or someone else who got one of my postcards could send me a picture so that it can be in the gallery...'cause I forgot to take pictures....:-( :-( :-( :-( thank you !


What a great idea! I'm sorry I missed joining the fun. Great gallery - I'll probably be there all day!!


Great postcard gallery! Thanks for putting it together. I linked to it on my site's postcard swap ;)

I always get tickled when Chris says it is cold in Hawaii. My sister in Kailua is even starting to say it, and she knows what real cold is like ;)


wow you have done it again :) well done, such a great idea and fun for the participants - and everyone else who gets to see the results :D yay!


Wow! It's great to see them all in one place. Thanks again for putting this together - it was a lot of fun!


Sorry you've been feeling under the weather, hope you get better soon! The postcard gallery is SO fun-- thanks for taking the time to put that together so we could see them ALL!


Thanks so much for putting this together! It was such a fun swap to participate in. My boys and I are looking forward to the next one!


Hi Myra. Thanks so much for organising PCS. What a huge job and you did it so well. Cheers, Fran.


Thanks for organizing the swap!! Love all the postcards & had so much fun making one!!
Take Care~

cat's meow

wowzers, the gallery is great! 1thing: did you participate? i duncin't it and couldn't find your card if you did. 2thing: did some participants not send cards to you or to all of their 10? just curious. another successful swaporama! heart.


Oh man. I can see this was a great swap. Again and again I wish I had participated. I love looking at them! Great job Myra!


Yes I do feel guilty if I don't post. I came here looking for postcards and I found them. Thanks. I'm off to your gallery.
You're welcome to drop by my blog anytime.

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