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wow! your blog is just great! thats what i like about blogs: personal info+amazing links. thank you for sharing this magazine (that article about tokyo is so good).


Thanks for the wonderful links. Keiko Tsuji's work is so interesting!

Passions & Distractions

Those paper artists are really amazing! Thank you for sharing those awesome links!


Thanks for all the fantastic links, Myra! I always discover such great things on your site. But wow, that vegan mom's one made me feel entirely too guilty about serving my kids soy butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch! (Did you see that fondue??!) Have a great weekend and take care! :-)


i am excited to be in the postcard swap! i already started sketching out the card!!


Keiko Tsuji's work is awesome! Thank you for the link. It was so interesting! I love your blog!


I am feeling so SAD I missed the deadline to sign up. I am so busy starting up my own compagny I didn't have enough time to blog.I had so much fun the last time, I absolutely would have made the time to make my swapcards. Is there a emaillist were I can ad my name so I will be in time for the next postcard-swap?


Thanks for the links Myra!! And for the swap!!

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