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Madame Meow™

I...... want it!

I want to make it! *whines excessively*



Oh no...that whole site is, well, Japanese to me! Fortunately cuteness knows no language barrier. I must find a way to make that kitty!

Aimee Roo

Oh the cuteness! Make it stop!!

I am trying to learn how to crochet amigurumi right now actually. Any tips??

I would love to be able to make a little kitty like that. What an adorable site. I really need to learn Japanese!!!


And they talk about rabbits multiplying ...


Argghh! I need to learn the symbols! I must make a kitty.


SOOOOOOO gorgeous*, we have the same taste :) and we BOTH looovvveee Kitties*
Thanks for the subtle hint on the needle felting, duly noted and will think on :-)
Noooowwww, more on that fantasy bag, Is it Pink? Green? Blue? :-)
Sending Blessings to you and Mochi*

amy in az

THANKS for the awesome links--loving that elephant. Currently I am developing a monkey pattern :) while working on kitties 4 and 5. Word of warning to those who start making these...they are addictive!-- I couldn't even crochet before making Matcha, now it's non-stop! :)- and you don't need to know Japanese to read that pattern from the book :)


soo sweet. i wish i had time to learn to crotchet!!


hi Myra! Thanks for swinging by :) what a happy surprise it was to receive your comment and see the link to Citrine! I've been reading your blog for quite some time and am very impressed by your craftiness!

Thanks for the links to all those other patterns - I'm hooked (lol) on amigugumi!


I love the gallery of cats! I need to get this book, maybe there's hope for me yet in being able to crochet something more than a granny square.


Thanks for those links to her other patterns - those are great! I especially like the bear - so cute!


THANK YOU for putting up that information! i've been looking all over the internet for information on that pattern. yay!


aww, it's so sweet when it goes to sleep!


thanks for sharing the links -
i picked up the book here in japantown in
san francisco. i'm working on the cat right now.

La Fae

I bought that book over the summer in tokyo. the sushi kitties are my favorite.

The great tragedy is...

i do not crochet.

However, my best friend does and i will chain her to a desk and force her to create kitty wonders for me!


I have done one purse from Japanese crochet and it was charted. Came out cute I want to share the book cover and purse and will for the craftlog site BUT this cute kitty doesn't have a chart. It is all characters. Is there a site to help with that anywhere? Much thanks!


guys...go to google click language tools...
paste in the URL for the page with the pattern
into the TRANSLATE WEB PAGE part and voila it translates it into a sort of funny thing to read. you really don't need anything but those numbers in the charts..but it's fun to read it all translated.

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