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Wow, those are amazing! Thank you again for doing this.


oh sucky.. flickr is having a massage! i will check back.. i can't wait! thanks so much for doing this!!!! *hugs*


oooo they're awesome!


WoW! Those are so beautiful. I feel like a LOSER cause I never sent you the photo. I'll still send you a copy of the card though! I should have it out by the weekend! And if its not too late, I'll send a pic too. Sorry!


wow! so many beautiful postcards!
i saw the postcard swap two days too late to join ... but i hope there'll be another round in the future :-)


laura r.

thank you for taking the time to post all the pcards.
i appreciate it.


when are you going to do another one? i would love to participate...but i was to late :(


thanks soooooooo much for coordinating this swap, it rocked!!! is the next one going to be crayon postcard swap?! tee hee :)


Nope, I'm not at home until monday, I will wait and have a look then! Wanna check the real thing first. But gosh... I'm SO CURIOUS! Thanks for putting it togheter, your such a sweetie! :-)

amy k.

this was so fun-thanks for setting it up and taking the time!


All the cards look awesome in the gallery and it's been so much fun to do this. I also hope you do another one - and I do like the idea of a crayon postcard swap ;) Thanks for the time and effort needed to organise this, you did a great job.


That is so impressive!


Thank you so much for taking the time to oranize this swap! :)

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